Wednesday, October 31, 2007

All Hallows Eve, here come the stories!

Update (14/11/2007): I received a story from Mary on the 8th of November, and I've only just remembered to put it up. My apologies, Mary. Sounds like a creepy house to have grown up in!

It was a little quiet here but Gen from Collateral Damage jumped in with one, and then the RedBubble forum thread got three new ghost stories today.

As I promised, here are my and Gen's stories, in the order that they've appeared on the web:


This one happened to my cousin, C. We were only kids at the time, she was about twelve and I was ten.

Her family used to live in a block of flats, on the ground floor. Rumour had it that the flats were built on land that used to be ancient jungle--so who knows what went on there before? There was also a rumour that before the flats had been built, there had been a house there, where a woman was found hung from the beams. This sounds like standard horror story fare though, so I don’t think that part was true.

Anyway, strange things would happen in that flat. Like the doors slamming themselves shut, even though there wasn’t a breeze. (It would get very hot during the day so the windows and outside doors were closed and air-conditioning turned on.)

One day C was alone in the flat, and decided to read a book in her parents’ room. She sat on their comfy bed and leant back against the wall.

Suddenly she felt a pair of cold hands around her neck. They started choking her.

C tried to grab the hands and make them stop, but her hands passed right through them.

She started saying the, “Our Father” prayer but nothing happened. Then she remembered something from school (she went to a Catholic school) about how you need real faith to make the “Our Father” work.*

But apparently, Mary is a little more forgiving, and will help you even though your faith isn’t strong**, so she started saying some “Hail Mary”s and she could feel the hands loosening their grip.

She yanked herself away, ran from the room, and bolted out the front door.

Then she sat on the front steps until her parents came home.

When I got older, I thought that this just some story to fool the kiddies, since C was a very good storyteller and had a vivid imagination. I asked her some years ago (we were both in our late twenties by then) if it really happened or if she was making up stories.

She said, soberly and with complete conviction, “Angie, I swear on the Bible that it really happened.”

“To this day the thought of it scares me. Look, I have goosebumps just talking about it.”

And she did.

* I am anticipating the scoffing in advance and I’m just saying, I’m telling you the story the way it was told to me. Let’s not start any religious debates here, for goodness’ sakes.

** Seriously, dudes, read * above.


Ooh, I just thought of another one. It's more about Canada Most Haunted, really.

In August I went on a trip to North America, and in Ottawa we stayed in a three-star hotel near the city centre.

Our hotel room had a really creepy bathroom, it was tiny, with white tiles, stark, fluorescent lighting, and a toilet facing the mirror. The worst part was a small, dark shower-bathtub combination that had a dusty, sinister-looking vent at eye-level. I was almost too scared to close the shower curtain because it made the enclosure even darker. There was another dark vent under the sink. You know, in just the right position for someone to grab your legs. Gah. I could never stay for very long in that bathroom and used to have lightning-fast showers.

One night we went to a comedy show in the basement of the hotel, and stayed behind till 3am to talk to the comedians (lovely guys). There was a cleaner hanging around, doing the vacuuming and I said to him, “Sorry we’re here so late. I hope we’re not getting in your way.”

He nervously pushed his glasses up onto his nose and said, “Oh, that’s no problem. In fact, I’m really glad you guys are here, because this hotel is haunted.”


“Oh, really?” I said, a lot more nonchalantly than I felt. “Have you ever seen anything?”

He might have nodded slightly.

“Why is it haunted?”

“Well, there have been suicides on two of the floors.”

“Which floors?” I asked. I thought he would hesitate, but he immediately blurted out, “11 and 18,” and kept vacuuming.

Phew! Neither of those was the floor that we were on.

But I still felt like I was being watched when I went to the bathroom.


oo! oo! i have SO MANY ghost stories but here's my scariest one:

when i was 14, i was in my bed laying there. i couldn't sleep because i have really bad insomnia. suddenly my bed shook. it knocked against the wall. i shrunk under my covers, wondering what was going on. it shook again. i shrunk lower. it started shaking and knocking against my wall really hard- i thought i was going to fly off my bed. i shrieked and hid completely under my covers. it suddenly got ICE COLD in my room and my covers were completely ripped off me. i shot up out of my bed and grabbed the door to run out. the door stuck for a second while the bed continued to knock against the wall. finally it opened and i ran out, screaming up the stairs and into my parents' room.

i never slept in that room after that. i took over my sister's room and eventually moved upstairs. i never went in that room after dark and only went in there when someone was with me and during the daytime. after that, it was always REALLY cold. we even had a renter down there and he said creepy things happened in there and it was always really cold.

A story from Mary T, of Monroe, NY.

This story arrived from Mary on the 8th of November (many thanks, Mary!) I've left it pretty much verbatim, except for masking Mary's phone number, which she may not want bandied about on the Internet :)

Hi! My name is Mary n I have grown up in a very active house. My father,mother,grandmother,4-brothers,2-sisters n I have all experienced many times sightings thru out our home in Norwood,N.J. There were 5 that we knew of very well. Once in awhile a passer thru was sighted.I can remember when I was a small child, my bottle being pulled out of my crib along with my blanket. As I grew older I would tell my parents what I would see. I remember "8-Tracks" being thrown at my sister when she entered our bedroom! I use to get tucked in bed at night n then my blanket being pulled off me. My bed would levitate some nights. My sister woke uo one night n saw a man caressing my forehead while I sleep. Creepy - Huh? there r so many more stories to tell,but I'd be here all night. Just wanted to share. If u want to here more, give me a call -***-***-****. I now live in Monroe,N.Y. n still experience things but, THANK GOD not as much. Take care!


Anonymous said...

ooo! i love the ghostie stories. the one your cousin told you was really eerie. i've had a lot of experiences of cold hands on me. it's not something you forget- that's for sure!
hope you had a nice halloween! :)

Juliness said...

I am SO GLAD I did not read these last night! Scary-ness at its finest.