Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I'm not going to drown in a sea of sentimentality here, but someone in the RedBubble forum asked what people were doing today. And we all know what today is, and was.

It is a grey, rainy day here in Perth, and as I exited the library, my arms full of books, I brushed against a dense growth of rosemary.

Its fragrance burst into the air so forcefully that I could smell nothing else for several seconds.

A sign, perhaps. Rosemary for remembrance.

The weather was very similar when we visited Ground Zero, on the 11th of August.

Just think, this view would have been impossible before the 11th of September, 2001.

If I'm not mistaken (and please, correct me if I am), the steeple in the middle of the picture belongs to St. Paul's Chapel, where George Washington used to attend Sunday service.

Rescue and recovery workers rested here during the aftermath.

The chapel miraculously survived 9/11, and did not even have a broken window after the attack.

The train station next door gives you a better view of the construction site, albeit through mesh goggles.

It was strange to see such busyness going on, and to hear so much noise, in a place that I had only seen on the news as a desolate, smoking ruin.

Freedom Tower is the name of the new structure that they're building. I confess that I'm not a fan of the name. It seems too brash and simplistic, too in-your-face.

I was about to walk on when MFC directed my attention to the coins that people had tried to throw onto the building site.

We saw coins everywhere on this trip. In fountains, in pools and ponds, and even in bird habitats.

I miss having pennies as part of the currency*. Their almost-nothing value makes them perfect projectiles for spontaneous moments.

See how the object on the left looks like part of a cross? I never noticed it till I posted this picture.

On the same day, we got to see the Statue of Liberty, and I'm so very glad she's still around.

I had seen her before, in a hundred movie lifetimes, but she still took my breath away.

* We got rid of 1 and 2 cent coins in Australia years ago. Now no one feels like throwing things into fountains anymore.


Juliness said...

Great photos!! I suppose you're going to dole them out sparingly just to tease us. You ARE, aren't you?

Lovely words about today as well. It is always moving to visit Ground Zero in NYC and I am so glad you had that experience and appreciated it for what it was/is to everyone - not just Americans.

an9ie said...

Actually, juliness, it's more the sheer terror at the volume of mediocre pictures I have to sift through :p But I am determined to have pictures in every post about my trip.

This may take a while. Bear in mind that I went to Japan in Feb 2006 and I STILL haven't uploaded all of my stories about that crazy country. No photos though, Japan was pre-digital camera purchase.

Like a lot of people, I think my views on what was important in life shifted after 9/11. I'm glad we took the time to visit the site.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angeline
moved over here from your redbubble.
I can witness to your feelings about the statue of liberty.
recommend evryone do it at least once.
have a great day