Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Just when I wanted an early night

My mother just wandered in and said, "Did you know that it's Hungry Ghost Month (ci4 ge3 bua3)?"

Then she wandered out again, humming to herself.

I checked the Internet, and it is indeed. Fan-fricking-tastic.

For a whole month, the Gates of Hell are open and ghosts are free to roam the Earth. Perhaps they are visiting loved ones and righting wrongs, but mostly, I reckon, they're stuffing themselves on food offerings, spying on women in the shower, and looking for gullible mortals to take their place in Hell so they can be reincarnated.

Which is why I will be sleeping with the light on tonight.


Juliness said...

Seriously? Is THAT why I haven't been sleeping?

an9ie said...

Oh, we do not joke about this time of year, my dear. It's not that spooky here in Australia, but in Singapore and Hong Kong, people are forever burning incense and paper money, and leaving out food on altars, and wandering around looking slightly worried, so it gets to you when you're there and everything feels a little spooky.

Glen's creepy Red Balloon story is from Hungry Ghost Month.

Anonymous said...

i learned about that in some movie i watched recently that took place in singapore, i believe. i can't remember...

makes sense, though. i keep hearing banging noises lately and randomly a room will go cold and i get that creepy feeling.

an9ie said...

Wow, Gen - I think I'd have to sedate myself if that happened to me in my house :p You must have nerves of steel!