Saturday, September 29, 2007

Future old lady business

So, it's been decided then.

If I ever end up living on my own and becoming the Crazy Dog Lady of the neighbourhood, I am going to have to have the following dogs, or "hag-hounds", as I prefer to call them:

A dachshund named Gunther. Yes, even if it is a girl.
(Image from Nature's Corner magazine.)

Mr Pickering, a Welsh Cardigan corgi. I may also name him/her Mr. Bingley, depending on how I feel on the day.
(Image from

And a Basset hound called Jimmy-Pop.
(Image from


Juliness said...

I love basset hounds! Growing up, my brother and I named our two bassets Ezra and Muffin.

I was, however, saddened by the distinct lack of pugs and terriers in your old lady doggy group.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy-pop? Loved the hounds. I do miss having a dog around, but do you really want to do all that pooper scooping in your dotage? jaymez

an9ie said...

Juliness - Alas, I had a limit of 3 dogs and had to go for the sausage-shaped ones because I love them so! I do like pugs but feel sorry for them in our hellish (and I do mean hellish) summer weather. If I had a maid and all-through air-conditioning in my Old Lady Hacienda I'd get a pug and three terriers: Scottie, Skye and Westie :)

James - You can thank MFC for the "Jimmy-Pop" suggestion. I thought it was hilarious though :) Hopefully they'll be well-trained enough to go in the corner of the garden ;)

Anonymous said...

haha awesome. this is inspiring me to do a cat lady post.
then again, i'd probably just go find random kittens from the pound to save.

dogs are so cute, though. very unique names!