Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Some stories about pronunciation

Hmm, Blogger has lost its title bar.

Okie-dokie then.

The title of this post, if there was a title bar to put it in, would be, "Some stories about pronunciation".

Update (23:24): Oh look, the title bar's back. Whoopee.

For starters, it's spelled "pronunciation", and not "pronounciation". It's also pronounced that way*. Crazy, huh?

What got me thinking about pronunciation was my perusal of Penelope Dullaghan's website today. Penelope is one of my favourite illustrators, being a kick-ass artist as well as an entertaining writer. She is also the person who started up Illustration Friday, which I have not participated in for a while because, well, I am just an enormous sloth-pimp who has been busy creating things for RedBubble recently.

You know, RedBubble? Of the super-cheap postage and awesome goods? That's right, baby.

Anyway, I was looking at her website, and I thought of my cousin, J, who always pronounced "Penelope" the same way you would, "antelope". Poor thing.

Naturally, whenever she did it, we made fun of her until she ran away and hid in the bathroom. Because that is what you do to cousins when you are a savage little girl.

Another cousin had a particularly dry sense of humour. One day a guy came up to her after church, all excited about some new purchase.

"I've just bought some cologne!" he cried.

Except he pronounced it ko-log-nee.

"That's great!" said C, "Let's celebrate by getting some cham-pag-nee!"

The poor guy slunk away, leaving a scented trail of kolognee behind him.

When I first arrived in Australia, straight into my first year of boarding school, a certain malicious girl would sarcastically imitate the way I said "plastic" and "video". She would screw up her piggy little eyes and squeal it out loudly so the rest of the dorm would hear and laugh.

Wherever you are now, malicious girl, I hope you're sweating profusely and smell like tacos. And that there are bears nearby.

* It's OK, I still get mixed up sometimes, and then MFC laughs at me.


Libragirl said...

A women my mom use to know (back in the 60's before I was born) use to pronounce pocketbook - pockey-book
but she said pocket correctly.

Now we say it like that on purpose. And because it makes the kids laugh

Juliness said...

My family says Lip-it for lipstick because that's what my niece started calling it when she began talking.

I actually think it's pretty funny when a pretentious individual mispronounces (is that not spelled right?) something and are oblivious to the error. Or think they are correct. It is especially amusing if they are speaking in public.

Yes, I know that's a horrible thing to say...almost like wishing some mean person from your past smelled of Mexican food and was in the vicinity of a large, hungry creature.

You always make me laugh out loud.

an9ie said...

Love hearing these stories :)

Hey, it's not like I want the bear to maul her - if it comically chased her around a tree stump for a while and then ate her shoes that would be more than enough for me :)

Anonymous said...

Hey if people say 'pronounciation' I still know what they mean. But why hasn't anyone taught the Scots, who are supposed to be speaking English, how to pronounce anything so that I can understand what they are saying? Oh yeah, you have some Scottish ancestry - whoops! As for Americans - how does Tomato sauce become Ketchup? Jaymez.

Donna said...

I used to make fun of my boyfriend when he said, "li -berry," instead of "library."