Wednesday, July 04, 2007

RedBubble Portfolio

Woohoo! I sold another card of Camouflage yesterday to the lovely Jo O'Brien, another RedBubble user.

If you haven't already, do have a look at my portfolio, by clicking on the image above, or on the link in this sentence. My goal is to add a new item to the portfolio every week, and so far I'm right on track.

Have a look around, there are many talented artists out there. If you feel a bit lost, have a look at my favourites to get an idea of the wonderful art on offer.

Shipping is still incredibly cheap from RedBubble. I believe they keep their costs down by having offices in Australia, the UK, and the US, so at the moment postage is the same price (in Australian dollars) to anywhere in the world. A post from one of the administrators says:

It depends on the destination and the item being shipped. But here’s a couple of rules of thumb. The shipping & handling of a large framed or mounted print will cost in the order of $15; a t-shirt will cost in the order of $4.75.

From what other users have said, shipping cards will generally cost in the order of AUD$2.50. Also, the more items you have in your order, the more economic the shipping costs will be.

P.S. If I look tired in the morning - I have not been crying into my pillow all night, for goodness' sake. I've been working on a new t-shirt design, and it took me until past midnight!


genevieve said...

woo, your last post scared me. i've been smoking cigarettes on and off since i was about 13. people in my family have died of lung cancer (none i personally knew that were related to me, though) so i know that increases my chances. i would like to quit some day and i have cut down a lot, but still when i'm out drinking i get that feeling that if i don't have a ciggie asap i'm going to stop breathing. ironic.

i'm so sorry about your dad. it's so hard to see a parent sick (my mom was seriously ill for years). my thoughts and prayers are with you. ♥

i love your drawings. i'm going to email you about an idea i have for a tattoo i want that only you can design. it's gonna be so cool. :D i'll be like a walking billboard for your artwork. ^^

an9ie said...

Hi Gen,
It wasn't meant to scare, but just to give people more of a real view. Cancer is so often just this "thing" that people have and you think of it in such fuzzy detail. I really wanted people to be aware of how messy and expensive and painful and traumatic it is.

I'm sure you'll be able to quit - from reading your journal and getting to know you online, you seem to be such a strong person, I think you could do anything you put your mind to. Really, reality, truly :)

Yeah, when I made the decision to move back home I knew I'd also have to confront so much more about my family instead of being able to detach. But I'd rather be here, I think, than regret not spending enough time with them, later. Thank you for your words, I really believe in the power of prayer and hope things will get better.

re: tattoo design - for sure! Send it on - I'm always excited about collaborations. You can use the e-mail link on this page, or I think you might have my e-mail address in your Inbox from before. If you love it - great. If you don't - still great, and no hard feelings, because I got to design something, and I love drawing!

Donna said...

Hey, I just looked at your portfolio. I love, LOVE Camouflage. It's late and I should be going to bed, but I promise I will buy a card! Keep up the exciting work.

an9ie said...

Thanks Donna! Every sale is appreciated, with good karma and warm thoughts heaped, I say, HEAPED on each buyer :) By yours truly.