Sunday, July 08, 2007

RedBubble Portfolio Update

I have added three new images to my RedBubble portfolio. From left to right, they are: "Love Lies Waiting", "Irresistible" and "Moongazing".

All are for sale as cards, and at AUD$3.50 each, they're quite the bargain. Get your piece of an9ie now!

RedBubble only charges around $2.50 delivery (shown at checkout) for several cards - to anywhere in the world. They are so awesome (this is my fallback word when I am speechless and/or sleep-deprived, as I am now), words fail to express how they have changed my life and lifted my game.

I have a new superhero cartoon in the works - he is going to appear on t-shirts and possibly some sassy cards, so watch this space. He's packing heat and embodies all I hold dear: cleanliness, hygiene, and the an9ie way.


Anonymous said...

is every 3rd post going to be a RedBubble promotion which talks about their fantastic shipping rates?

Looking forward to seeing this superhero.


Anonymous said...

I have been away and just caught up on your Blog. I was very moved by the post about Smoking, but I couldn't post a comment there. I have been following your work on RedBubble and am happy that you have found an outlet for your undoubted creative talents. Keep it up an9ie. Jaymez

an9ie said...

Razer - yes it is. RedBubble is a very large part of my life now. It finally allows me to get my work out there and earn money from something I love to do.

Unfortunately, a large part of going freelance is constant marketing. Many successful freelancers devote about a day a week to marketing themselves to ensure a steady stream of work and income. At least mine come with pretty pictures and notification if I've put something new up, which I think is of interest to people who read this blog!

I blog about my life, and at the moment the waking hours that I don't spend at work are spent making things for RedBubble (and watching Entourage :).

Hi James,
Thanks for your kind words! Sometimes this support is all that keeps me going when I feel like packing it in and wondering how I'm going to earn a decent salary from freelance creative work. The knowledge that I'm creating something that other people will pay money for has really lifted my game, and work that would pass muster for a blog post is now super-scrutinised and re-worked for several hours until I'm satisfied - a steep learning curve!

genevieve said...


love your stuff as always.

btw, lol i keep trying to draw my idea for a tattoo and it's so sad. i can't even draw a stick person. :(
i am not artistically inclined.

Juliness said...

Wow! The Love Lies Waiting is amazing. Wistful and hopeful at the same time. Incredible work, my friend.

an9ie said...

Gen - You can describe it to me in words if you like! From reading your blog, you certainly have a talent with words :) Although the idea of designing something that will be "permanently" on someone else's body kinda freaks me a little. What if you hate it several years down the track? Vision: 70-year-old Gen at the laser clinic cussing at Angie. But if you are still keen, a quick heads-up - I'm going overseas for most of August, so I might not be able to fit in any new art projects till September. Lots of time to plan!

Juliness - It's very much one of those "just by chance" pictures. Which are really the best kind :) I keep meaning to learn how to use MFC's SLR, but my little compact is so much easier!