Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mmm ... sinus infection

On Monday night I came down with a sinus, throat and chest infection. The throat infection is a doozy, it's the kind that makes you feel like hot needles are going down your throat every time you swallow. Yay.

I woke up at 3am and lay there like a lump of tired lead, breathing through my remaining unblocked nostril, feeling the aches in my neck and shoulders, and debating how long I could go without swallowing, because it was so damn painful.

Obviously I had a bit of a dilemma coming up - should I take the day off or not? I don't like taking sick days, and I pretty much have to be weak as a kitten and unable to remain vertical for more than 5 seconds to even contemplate it.

But my brain made the decision for me.

I fell back into slumber and dreamt that I left for the office, but while I was driving through the next suburb, I decided to turn around. This was because:

a) I was still in my pyjamas.
b) It was pitch dark and I was driving without my headlights on.
c) I had just gone the wrong way around a roundabout.

I think this was my brain's way of saying, "Girlfriend, if you're going into work today, you are on your own."

Alrighty then.


Anonymous said...

awwwww, poor an9ie! I had nasty nasty tonsillitis a couple of weeks ago that was so bad i had almost an entire week off work (if i'm sick I usually have a day off - 2 at most) so I know how you are feeling.
Just don't do what i did when I was awake at strange hours (like awake from 3.15am because my throat was hurting too much to be able to sleep) and look up your symptoms on the internet! Poor m00m00 was waking up at his usual 6am to find me half hysterical, believing I had a drug-resistant strain of strep, or was going to have to have my tonsils removed and freaking out because I hate hospitals, etc etc :)
Hope you're feeling better soon...
<3 Kathry

an9ie said...

Hee, poor you AND poor m00m00. That's why I try not to look up illness-related stuff on the Net nowadays, it's too depressing. People always talk about the worst that could happen and before you know it, you're convinced you have some weird strain of Japanese Encephalitis. Gah.

Am losing my voice today. It's strangely tiring to talk, but luckily typing is OK :)

Blandwagon said...

I think this was my brain's way of saying, "Girlfriend, if you're going into work today, you are on your own."

I can't read this without imagining that your brain has a blaxploitation accent. Hee hee hee!

an9ie said...

I SWEAR that's how it sounds sometimes, Blanders, except when it's swearing loudly in Hokkien and broken English. What up, chiggas?

Anonymous said...

I've done that scene at the roundabout, but it wasn't a dream, and I wasn't wearing pajamas! jaymez

Anonymous said...

feel better soon!

<3 RaZeR

tfp said...

Sorry to hear you've been ill. Hope you're feeling better...