Thursday, July 26, 2007

Life imitates art

I swear, lately I seem to be living in my own little version of Penny Arcade.

Tonight I showed my mother my latest t-shirt, The Wrong Unicorn, a close-up of which you can see below. (My little brother, G, was in the background, playing Front Mission 4 on the PS2, and minding his own business.)

When my mother first saw it, she said: "It looks like that man has a, whatyoumacallit, p3nis*, sticking out."

an9ie: From his chest, mother?

Mum: Yes, hahahaha!


Mum: Well, if it was really in his chest, wouldn't his heart be flying out?

an9ie: That's IT, no more "constructive" criticism from you, Mum.

Mum: Seriously, why don't you try moving it a little lower?

an9ie: (Opens image in Flash and selects the "Impaled man" layer) What, here?

Mum: A little lower.

an9ie: (Moves layer) Here?

Mum: Yes, NOW it looks like a p3nis. Hahahahahaha!

an9ie (to little brother): G, is Mummy drunk?

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* I've changed this word from how it normally appears so Google doesn't send all the weirdos here.