Monday, July 23, 2007

Evenings with my family

So, it's about 11.30pm.

I'm in my bedroom working on my latest t-shirt design, which you will either love or hate. Also, it may destroy some of your most cherished childhood memories.

Dad is watching some Chinese movie in the lounge room with the volume turned right up, and my little brother is sitting on a beanbag behind me, playing Fatal Frame 2 on my Playstation2.

Fatal Frame 2 is only one of the MOST FREAKING SCARY GAMES IN THE WORLD. It's like being in your own personal Grudge/Ring movie, only this time you're interacting with the damn corpses/vengeful ghosts/demons.

Glen puts in the disc, the game starts up, and he starts playing, while giving me a running commentary.

Glen: You know, you should play this sometime.

an9ie: I would, except I'd keep WETTING MYSELF.

Glen: (Plays some more) Mmm, yeah, I thought this game would be a lot more scary.

an9ie: (Concentrating on picture) Uh-huh.

Glen: Maybe the atmosphere isn't so creepy because we can hear Dad's movie blaring outsi- HOLY F*ING [Hokkien swearword] F*!!!


an9ie: Got scared, did you?

Glen: F*ING F* F* [Hokkien swearword] F* [Hokkien swearword] F*ING F*!!!

I am never playing this game. Never.