Thursday, June 28, 2007


Well, it's 1am. Another late night to be followed by a bleary morning tomorrow. Woo hoo.

However, I am still excited.

Possibly because I have consumed three giant campfire marshmallows and a pound of Smarties.

Anyway ...

I have posted my first portfolio item in RedBubble. You can read all about RedBubble via the link, but for those who would like the potted version:

RedBubble is an online art gallery and community. You post your high quality images into a portfolio, and visitors can buy them as cards, prints, or t-shirts. The prices are very reasonable, and postage is the same price to anywhere in the world, from Bombay to Berlin to Ballarat.

I actually posted my image there last night, but evil Mr JPEG compression (that bastard!) made it look awful, and I was too ashamed to show anyone. After some research and lots of experimenting, it looks like I can't do much about the bad preview image.

However, I've managed to do some damage control, so the gates are now open.


I'd better go, MFC has had about a thousand Long Island Iced Teas (he's been trying to perfect his recipe) and I think he's fallen asleep in the water closet.


Anonymous said...


Jpeg compression can be evil, I also prefer .png. Have you tried saving the file using web colours (i.e. save for web option in photoshop if you use that).

I think you should post all your work up on deviantart as well. DeviantArt has been a long time favourite for me, I haven't even heard of redbubble before.

P.S. Your MFC pasted some of the e-mails about what happened, they were hilarious! You're so nice.

<3 RaZeR

an9ie said...

Yeah, I really hope the RedBubble guys can do something about that. They seem very responsive to user suggestions, so hopefully soon.

See, the trouble is, I only have one upload option, and when I upload my image I have to do it in the highest quality possible so that it will look nice as a print. But then RedBubble applies their compression algorithm that creates all the thumbnails and preview images, which I have no control over, and because it is JPEG compression my images end up looking crap.

I had a look at DeviantArt but they seem so oversaturated and I'm worried my images will just get lost there in the crowd. They also pay you less commission and have a higher base price. And I heard (may be different now) that the copyright on DeviantArt allows other people to copy parts of your work or modify your work and pass it off as their own, and I don't like that.

RedBubble is fairly new still, but going strong for a startup, and I like that they're Australian.

And one art community is all I can handle at the moment!

That MFC, >_< I wish he'd told me it was going on IRC first. There may be too many cuddles in it for human consumption and people will throw up. He sent me a copy of the responses, and they made me LOL myself :)

Anonymous said...


Don't worry an9ie, he must have edited out some of the cuddles - it wasn't that bad.

However, I can't believe how nice you are - much nicer than I am to Moo when he is hideously drunk :)

It did make me chuckle though :)


an9ie said...

Yay! What a joy to have Kathry commenting regularly as well ^_^

I hope he edited it a bit, because I didn't know my frank account of events was going to be on IRC!!!

I'm fairly nice, but mostly I leave him to his own devices, only stepping in if it looks like a major accident + blood is going to occur. In most cases I just roll my eyes and go do my own thing.

Juliness said...

Ok, here goes:

a. You are beautiful!

b. Your picture is incredible!

C. I cannot wait for the next piece.

d. I think that's it for now.

Great job, lady!

Anonymous said...

I'll have to check that out later. Seems interesting.

Btw, I tagged you in a meme. ^^

an9ie said...

Hiya Juliness!
a) Thank you dearest! Although I am worried that me openly smiling at the camera may be a little "come-hither" to the perves out there. Also, B&W is SO forgiving! I love you, colour desaturation mode!
b) I love my baby. Perhaps not as painful to produce as a real baby, but certainly had about the same time in labour!
c) There are a couple up there now! Old ones from the blog, but revamped so that they are good printing quality.
d) Crap, 1am bedtime for Angie once again. Will have to sleep in lots this weekend.

Gen - Oooh! /me jumps up and down with excitement. Thank you! Angie likes memes. Now I have something to look forward to on Friday while I watch the clock tick down to the weekend ;)

Anonymous said...

Ballarat. i've never heard of ballarat but that's an awesome name to name a place. i think i'll name my first child that. :D

i looked at your stuff. very nice! i seriously hate jpgs. make everything look like crap. :(
also, your picture of you is toooo cute. ^_^

have fun with the meme! ^_~

an9ie said...

Ballarat's a town in Victoria, north of Melbourne, but if you type "wiki Ballarat" into Google, there's a ghost town in California called Ballarat too (the ghost town sounds much more interesting).

Thanks for visiting me on RedBubble, Gen!