Friday, June 08, 2007

Look at what's new!

Well, it's not like you could avoid looking at it. Seeing as it's right here, ALL UP IN YOUR FACE.

Finally, that new look I've been promising for ages.

Comments? Boos? Roses?


Anonymous said...

aahah change! it's changed!

Love the O RLY dog, especially because I know the story behind him, and that your MFC uses it a fair bit.

And then there's that typical asian greenish colour that my mum had the house I grew up painted in. But *you* like it so that's what matters :)

The white space in the title leaves room to add a few more things, which I'm sure you'll get around to eventually.

<3 RaZeR

an9ie said...

Asian greenish colour? What you trying to say, Razy?

Yes, I do like green. I like it very much. Nyah!

I've adjusted the banner now. See what you think!