Monday, June 04, 2007

And I don't even have a hangover

(Low revving noise outside MFC's house is making an9ie annoyed. It feels like the noise is grinding into the back of her neck and causing combination of motion sickness, headache, and grinch-iness.)

an9ie: What the heck is that person doing? They've been revving that car for the last hour already! Just freaking drive off, will ya?
MFC: It's a lawnmower, dear.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahahah that made me laugh SO hard. Oh, thank you my dear. I needed that. ^_^

an9ie said...

The laughter of readers is the sweetest sound in the world! (And I'm pretty sure an angel gets its wings too.)

The guy took a break and then kept going for another hour. Who has that much lawn? Gah!