Thursday, May 31, 2007

Why you should never send a man to buy a bra

One of the things I love about MFC is how independent he is when it comes to clothes shopping.

Unlike some men, who need their womenfolk to hold their hand and wait in the changeroom, MFC will decide one day, that he needs some new trousers. He then goes to the store, buys them, and ta-dah! All done.

Having said that, he is quite amenable to you coming along and providing input. So, best of both worlds.

Last Saturday we went to Myer to track down the aforementioned trouserial items. Luckily Menswear at Myer Carousel is right next to Ladies Lingerie, so I was able to shop for some new bras while MFC went into the changing room.

MFC: Make sure you get some black ones.
an9ie: I do need some new black ones. (Suspicious) Why do you care?
MFC: Because you have to wear them under thin white shirts! Then everyone will be able to see them!
an9ie: Sigh.

I have been buying bras from the same brand, Berlei, for the last ten years. I swear, I tried on five other brands that day, especially since they were pretty and on sale, but none of them fit properly. Dammit. How can you be a 12C in one size and a 14D in another? Stupid clothing companies.

Half an hour later, MFC came back with his trousers (once again, how I love an independent male shopper), and I showed him the bras I had chosen.

an9ie: Well, here are the ones I'm gonna get. (Holds up two of the Berlei bras in the same model that I already have, like, FIVE of.)
MFC: You like padded bras?
an9ie: These are nicely lined for smooth, even coverage, not padded. I don't need any extra help in that area.
MFC: Why don't you get ones made from thin material, like these? (Indicates slutty bras with no support. I might as well make my own from cooking twine and some clingwrap.)
an9ie: Because I do not care for my nipples to be on show at the office!
MFC: But that's HOT. Imagine how fast you'd shoot up the corporate ladder.
an9ie: Both my bosses are women.
MFC: Get them anyway!
an9ie: SIGH.


Anonymous said...

omg this post made me laugh out loud :) I think it helps that i know you both so when i am reading the parts you both say, i read it in your voices, which makes it super-funny :). I'm pretty sure m00 has said the exact same thing to me before, asking me why i won't wear a black (or pink!) bra under a white top!


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

You're so funny. I think you should buy one so you can play naughty office girl at home:-)

Anonymous said...

sexy bra's are win.

I mean, what guy doesn't try to figure out what the bra looks like? The shirt need not be see through either. OK, maybe it's just me.

<3 RaZeR

ジェネヴィーヴ said...

Man I was just bitching to my cat this morning about how weird bra sizes are.
Apparently your sizing is different from ours but I get the jist. It's so annoying how within the same brand I can be one size in one style of bra and a different size in another. You'd think that at least within one brand the sizes would be the same, yanno?

an9ie said...

Kathry - Hiya! You know us so well I'm sure you could imagine the massive amounts of eye-rolling that were going on as well.

Maryam - Unfortunately I've just moved back in with my parents and MFC lives with his brother and mother (who is here temporarily while her house is occupied). Could you imagine the high jinks that would ensue? It would be like an X-rated episode of I Love Lucy!

Razer - I think it's all boys, but we ladies would still rather not dress like colour-blind skanks in public, thank you very much :p

Gen - We do seem to live in some kind of crazy parallel universe, and I love that you bitch to your pets as well! Women's bra and clothing sizes are insane. It annoys me that I can't try out different brands when they're on sale and have to go for the expensive ones that actually fit! Gah!

Juliness said...

Well done, my friend! In a single post about bras, you have managed to spotlight that elusive line of demarcation between the sexes.

Us gals appreciate that extra layer in our bra cups where most men go for the 'headlights are permanently on' look.

My question is this; who wins?