Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tonight I spent three hours ...

... creating a business card (which, of course, looks like it only took three minutes to put together).

All I can say is that it is Halloween-inspired (colour-wise) and mostly text. I would have liked to add a logo, but formatting the text alone and choosing the right colours has pretty much broken my spirit.

A few minutes ago I uploaded my design to the cheapie online printing place, and the preview looks awful. Grainy, bleeding edges, muted colours. I can only hope that it's just a crappy preview page, because the instructions say "max. file size 5MB", and the file I uploaded was about 1.2MB.

Otherwise my money would have been better spent on vodka-filled chocolates.

Business cards are important though.

I'm creating a solid identity. It's forcing my hand and calling my bluff. So, you say you're a writer, huh, chimpy?

Now that I'm going to say, in print, that I am a writer AND an illustrator AND a designer, I'd better make damn sure I can pony up the goods.


girl and dog said...

Stupid Blogger, erased my comment. As I was saying... I make my business cards using the Avery punch-out cards with smooth edges that you can buy at any office supply store. They have great templates you can download, customize, and print in the comfort of your own home. You can make changes to your info on the spot and only print out the number of cards you'll need.

Now, I'm off to find some vodka-filled chocolates. Yum!

an9ie said...

Girl, that's a wonderful idea (and yes, I have been having problems with Blogger too. So much so, that I now take a Notepad backup of every post before I post it. TAKE NOTE BLOGGER, I MAY YET SUCCUMB TO THE EFFICIENT CHARMS OF WORDPRESS. And I shall take my ten readers with me! Har!)

Where was I? Oh yes, fantastic idea. Thanks so much, I am going to scoot down to Officeworks as soon I can to have a play.

A very grateful Angie

P.S. The cognac-filled ones are my favourites. Love you Lindt, love you more than words can say.

Anonymous said...

First off, I need to know where to find these vodka filled chocoates. That sounds like it could possibly give orgasms. ^_^

2nd, cool! I always wanted business cards. I think it's a sign that you're a "real adult" once you've gotten those.

an9ie said...

Mmm, Lindt make chocolates with liqueur fillings that are delicious. I usually go for cognac, but I'm pretty sure I've seen vodka and kirsch as well.

Gen, I can't wait to get them either! Who thought it would be so hard to find "cheap" cards! Even with the online printers, all the prices start from $45 for 250, and apparently they aren't that great. Grrr. I shall try Girl's idea of printing my own out for now, although this might mean I can't get the double-sided printing done.

Bronwyn said...

I want to see your illustrations! :-)