Friday, May 04, 2007

Oh dear, now I've gone and done it!

Girls, guys, sausage-shaped dogs with short legs, lend me your ears!

I, Angie, have started down a terrifying, slippery path, and now I have to see where it goes.

I unwittingly set my floppy sandals on this path last night, when I was browsing through a website I found a year ago and immediately loved. It has witty writers, a kick-ass boss lady who looks like she loves life and wants you to love it as much as she does, interesting assignments about intriguing places, and I have always admired it greatly.

As I took my usual voyage through this site, savouring the descriptions and pictures and places, I thought, Hmm, I wonder if they take submissions?

I clicked on the Contacts page and discovered that, yes! Indeed! Looking for writers they were! There is something that only I (let us be all grandiose and save-the-universe here), Angie, can do for them, and I might even be good at it.

That was my first foot tentatively stepping on the path. Tonight, I am putting the finishing touches on my application and e-mailing it to the editor of this wonderful website.

My second foot, that conformist sheep, landed on the path this evening.

After work, I went to a gallery/boutique in the city for some drinks.

I had met the owners of the gallery, at, of all things, pole dancing class. It is, after all, very difficult not to make friends with someone when you are both scrabbling across the floor trying to do something called the "lioness crawl".

They have started a special line of products that may solve one of the biggest dilemmas for men and women worldwide. If both sexes embrace this product, the history of male and female relationships could be revolutionised.

Oh, alright, I'm exaggerating. But to me, it smelled like a story. A good one.

So I turned up, chatted to the lovely proprietresses, and made some new friends, including Lou, who told me about Body Jam classes in the city that weren't on a Wednesday night (finally!), a very elegant lady named Henny, who confided that she loved to look at male ballet dancers' legs, and the freshly single and grittily funny Esther, who looked ready to take on the world.

Then it appeared as if all my planets aligned, because suddenly everyone was there in the right place at the right time, and the gallery owners were talking about how they had to be more aggressive with their marketing, people were laughing at the absurd things I said, and suddenly, the following words just came out of my mouth.

It was like I was an oracle and the gods had decided to make an urgent announcement, without giving me any notice, thank you very much.

"I would like to write an article about you, if that's alright."

They looked delighted. Oh, bugger. Bugger and damn.

"That would be wonderful! What do you do?"

"I'm a freelance writer."

And just by saying so, I suddenly became one.

So now I have told these kind, talented, trusting ladies that I am going to pitch their story to some of the local magazines and online news sites, and that even if my pitch doesn't take, that I will still interview them and post the article on my blog. Or professional freelance writer's website.

Which I am planning to purchase and build this week.

Cards and e-mail addresses were exchanged. I said I would contact them soon.

Argh! It's out there! The Universe has forced my hand!

Somehow, I've gotten myself into this, and now I have to do it.



girl and dog said...

OMG, Angie!! How exciting! I've found that the only way to make things work is to "fake it till you make it". Sometimes it's best when you have no idea what you're doing. You are my hero, I cannot wait to see how far you take this. Keep us "posted". he he he

Libragirl said...

That is awesome. You have some set to do that. I wish I could do it. Will we be able to read it?

Juliness said...

Good for you, girl! I absolutely agree with G and D - sometimes you've got to put yourself out on the stage by faith, even if you're scrambling like mad in the wings.

I bet you feel exhilarated right about now, don't you? Goodness knows I'm excited for you just sitting here reading about it for Pete's sake. Yipee!

an9ie said...

Girl, oh, I was faking it alright. I've never even pitched an idea to a magazine in my life! Although I have read quite a few books and articles on how to do it by now. Yes, yes, I have definitely, absolutely have NO idea what I'm doing. And today the radio in the car kept playing songs with lyrics like "I'm in over my head, over my he-ead..."

Libragirl. Hello again! Well, it's getting published SOMEWHERE, because after interviewing the ladies and writing the damn thing, I'm not going to just put in a drawer, no sirree. So, if I don't get a response from any of the local mags/websites, I'll just put it up here on the blog, and also on a new website I'm planning to build, to showcase my writing.

Juliness, I can't stop thinking about it. But the beauty of having a lovely project like this to think about, is that it is making my little petty dislikes and hang-ups fade away. I had a great day out today with my parents, was not fazed out at all when HPR-bint walked past just now, and MFC has said I can bring in a desk and a nice reading armchair, so I can have a little an9ie space of my own! Yay!

Hugs to you all, you wonderful ladies!