Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's OK, kids, this blog ain't going anywhere

There may be some of you who are getting bored with me writing about writing so much.

You might be thinking, Hey, if I wanted to read a writer's blog, I'd be looking up Felicia Sullivan! Angie, what happened to all the snark? If you're going to be all rainbows and happy-happy-love-love, I'm taking my patronage elsewhere!

Don't worry, the snark/dodgy bits/best-left-unpublished blog posts aren't leaving anytime soon.

Today I had the interesting idea of taking some blog entries and re-inventing them (with a little tidying up) as writing samples for the web site.

And then I looked through my blog entries, especially the popular ones (you know, the ones with at least five comments) and went, Hmmm.

Yes, Hmmm indeed.

Let's see, rant about weddings, pot-smokers, and vomit. Pass.

Rant about mooching bints and their territory-pissing budgies/giant fishtanks. Pass.

Stories about toilets, and the unmentionable things that some girls do, involving their special places and things that come from aforementioned special places. Pass.

Description of my latest melt-down, and its chocolate-plastered aftermath. Pass.

Gratuitous galleries of dachshund photos and sketches. Pass.

Also, an extremely casual style that comes with stream-of-consciousness writing, and words like "anyhoo" and "frabjous" scattered everywhere, with all the restraint of hippies at a marijuana-tasting convention.

I think I found one post that could possibly become a sample article, and that was the one about Japanese toilets.

So don't despair, folks, the crazy train will still be making regular stops at this station.


ジェネヴィーヴ said...

Rant about mooching bints and their territory-pissing budgies/giant fishtanks. Pass.

Haha! I love your vernacular! The word "bint" makes me laugh. I used to say it all the time when I was teenager. I'm going to start saying it again. ^_~

Yay! Crazy train! I have a lifetime pass there! :D

julie said...

But my dear, all those posts you passed on are SO funny! They are wonderful examples or your humor and comfort with the written word. Don't be so hasty to dismiss. Perhaps just "alter" or edit a bit and include them anyway. Only a thought.

julie said...

Umm, how about "examples OF your humor...etc."

(Am typing on the laptop while watching American Idol and thusly distracted.)


an9ie said...

Gen, absolutely! I hereby bequeath you with a FREE PLATINUM LIFETIME PASS to the crazy train! You can ride as often or as seldom as you wish. Except, mind you, sometimes the cleaning staff aren't as meticulous as they should be :p

Julie, you have given me a wonderful idea regarding my website and I shall blog about it soon! Heehee, don't worry about the grammar too much, I understand what you mean about being distracted. And I can just imagine you and the dogs watching American Idol together :)