Sunday, May 27, 2007

Immersion therapy sucks

Now, because I am a good, nay, a great girlfriend, I got MFC, a horror movie buff, a copy of Event Horizon on DVD. It was the director's cut, and came in that cool case that looks like part of the ship.

I soon realised my mistake when he exclaimed, "That's great! Now you can watch it with me!"

I managed to stall him for a very long time, but on Saturday night, I finally relented. Even though (as you all know) I have this thing about horror movies, ever since I watched The Ring about, oh, FIVE years ago now, couldn't sleep for two weeks after that, and still get nasty flashbacks if I get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

Caution: may contain spoilers

So we watched Event Horizon, which I got through by clamping my hands over my ears when the scary "someone's going to die" music (or the silence that precedes the scary music) came on, and it actually wasn't too bad.

The part I found the worst was when they finally decoded the ship's log video, the one that showed what the crew were doing after they emerged from the gateway. It was all weird and garbled but I think it showed rape (I hate these scenes in movies) and maybe even some cannibalism (OK, that's pretty bad too)? I'm not sure but I don't really want to watch it again to find out.

And how does that ingrate MFC repay my bountiful generosity? By waiting for me to go into the toilet and whispering, "Let me show you ..." outside the door, every chance he gets.

Update (29/05/2007): I tried to get MFC back by waiting outside the toilet door and whispering, "The darkness ..." but ended up scaring myself! His damn house is so dark and creepy.


girlanddog said...

OMG, The Ring was the scariest movie EVER! Hope this one wasn't as terrible!

Juliness said...

Oh wow! I can't *do* scary movies at all anymore. (Not that I ever really could.) In fact, I can barely stand a rousing drama these days.

I don't know why, but I get so emotionally antsy at the thought of someone eles's agnst or fear the whole movie becomes unenjoyable for me or anyone in a two block range of my person.

You are a good and brave girlfriend, my dear!

Anonymous said...

I love horror movies. I watch them so much that nothing really scares me anymore.
Have you seen the Ringu movies? I barely remember them. They weren't scary at all.
My all- time fave movie is Ju- On. SUCH a good movie. Would probably scare the bejeezus out of you, though if you don't like horror movies. >_<

an9ie said...

Girl - thanks for your concern :) It wasn't too bad, perhaps because it's set in space and the future and all, it was easier to detach from the scariness!

Juliness - I think he just wore me down. That, and the fact that I am fascinated by horror movie storylines, although I know I'll be traumatised later. You sound very empathetic, but I know what you mean, sometimes someone else's reaction is more traumatic than watching the movie itself!

Gen - I think MFC is the same, he is such a horror buff that it's all old-hat to him. I have heard of Ju-On, but I think I'd have to be pretty drunk to try watching it :p

Bronwyn said...

I won't watch horror. I was so freaked out after watching Aliens in the cinema in the 80s. I especially can't stand anything evil. I get scared (much to my teenagers' disgust) at the "Scarey Movie" movies, which are, of course, supposed to be funny!