Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Howdy, I've been a busy lady

So, I've been rushing home at night and working on my new website. The domain name has been purchased, amidst much gloating. Colour schemes are being painstakingly pored over and rejected - I swear I found it easier to find a shade of paint for my last house. The design is brewing, and being coded, as we speak. (Or, as I write, because I'm taking a break from the web page and using blogging to relax.)

It's been a while since my last web design, father. And I beg forgiveness for squandering my meagre skills on my new freelance web page, instead of using them to groom ye old faithful blog here. But don't worry, the blog will get a facelift. Soon. Before the end of the year, even!

In the meantime, I'm all, ah, HTML, my nemesis, we meet again.

And what's this? You've brought your little friend, CSS, along for the ride?

OK, I'm gonna need some bigger guns.

1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

I wanted a new website for a new blog I'm going to be starting this summer. My HTML and CSS are so out of date, it's sad. The last time I made a website had to have been in 2003.
I've been gathering people who actually are up- to- date on things to help me with a design and layout, haha.

I can't wait to see how it looks! Exciting! :D
Don't worry about updating the look here; espicially if you're opening a new site!