Wednesday, May 02, 2007

And now I'll have a go . . .

I would like to present my own feng shui quiz with blatantly obvious metaphorical answers:

1. Which is your favourite room in the house? (You must choose one from this list.):
a) Toilet
b) Kitchen
c) Bedroom

2. You have a dream where you fall out of a window and onto a pointy fence. What colour is your blood?
a) Red
b) Green
c) Blue

3. What animal in this list appeals to you most?
a) Fluffy baby duck
b) Lemming
c) Komodo dragon

4. What best describes your makeup style?
a) What makeup?
b) Light and natural.
c) Slick and sophisticated.
d) Ru Paul.
e) Tammy Faye Baker.

5. The most horrible thing you can imagine happening is:
a) Walking in on your parents having sex.
b) Walking in on your teenaged daughter having sex.
c) Never having sex (again).
d) Dying on the toilet.
e) Going to the prom and discovering that the maths teacher chaperoning the event is wearing the same dress.
f) Getting a surprise visit from Aunt Flo/the Hunt for Red October/the crimson tide/Arts and Crafts Week at Panty Camp on your wedding day. Why is everyone whispering behind your back as you walk down the aisle? (I actually read this on a "True Wedding Horror Stories" website! No one told the poor bride.)
g) Finding out that Brazilian waxes cause cancer.
h) Recovering from head trauma and discovering that a side effect is being able to see ghosts, demons, and other supernatural beings.
i) Nathan Fillion announcing he is gay. (This doesn't make your blood run cold? What are you, made of stone?)

What do the answers mean?

Well, towards the end, it looks like they mean that Angie's overactive imagination really likes dreaming up horrible scenarios.

Anyone from Fox Studios hiring scriptwriters?