Thursday, May 03, 2007

The ABC of an9ie

Many thanks to girl and dog for tagging me! That wily senorita, she knows I love the lists.

A - Attached or Single? Attached to the inimitable MFC. But if it was Nathan Fillion that came up and asked . . . I would probably pause for quite a bit longer before answering.
B - Best Friend: Nicky, from high school. We laugh at the same dumb things. Often for hours, and even years later. And my sister, except when she pisses me off.
C - Cake or Pie: Pie! Pie! Pie! an9ie likes pie! But would also settle for pie with cake-like filling and the perfect, thin, sugar crust.
D - Drink of Choice: Sparkling mineral water. San Pellegrino. Mmm . . .
E - Essential Item: The Internets :)
F - Favorite Color: Green, but it has to be subtle, or paired with something, as an accent colour. No crazy 70s formica for me!
G - Gummi Bears or Worms? Bears. Less biting, more chewing. Just the right mouthful.
H - Hometown: Perth, Australia, where the sun always shines, although not out of my arse, however much I may wish for it to happen.
I - Indulgence: Lindt Cognac-filled chocolates.
J - January or February: February, the month of my mother's birthday. It puts less pressure on you than January. January's all, "Ah! This is THE year, people! Let us all make fresh starts and make our dreams come true!" whereas February just goes, "Missed our resolutions again did we? There, there, come and have a piece of pie."
K - Kids: Three. I come from a family of three and it feels like the right number to me. Whether my pelvic floor and bank balance will think it is the right number, however, remains to be seen.
L - Life is incomplete without: family, friends, a house and garden of your very own, children, books, dogs, good health, laughter and the love of your life (in no order at all). Gawd, I sound like a Hallmark card. Wish I could be more original, but those things are the real deal for me.
M - Marriage Date: I'll let you know. Or the flying porcines will.
N - Number of Siblings: Two. One older sister, one younger brother. I wish I could say I had middle child syndrome, but my brother came along when I was 8 years old, so I had many years of being a brat :)
O - Oranges or Apples? Oranges. I had apples every day at boarding school for three years. To this day I am not very fond of them. Now, mandarin oranges, on the other hand, I can eat ten of them in one sitting.
P - Phobias/Fears. Frogs, bad spelling, people using "less" when they should be using "fewer" (and vice versa), having dirty feet.
Q - Favorite Quote: Apart from others I've already referred to in this blog, I quite like the Winston Churchill one that goes: "If you're going through hell, keep going."
R - Reasons to smile: My family, MFC, when I blog about something silly and someone tells me it made them laugh.
S - Season: Spring. Not too hot, not too cold. One can wear t-shirts and singlet tops with impunity. Cool days and most evenings allow the use of light jackets to camouflage flabby upper arms.
T- Tag Three:
Juliness from Fresh and Sassy. Former policeperson, inventor of Venn diagram relationships, owner of cute dogs; I'd love to know more about you, my dear.
The food pornographer. Discover the person behind all those luscious pictures of food!
Blandwagon. Yes, yes, I know you are all bitter and cynical and pure steely barbed wire and may resent being asked to list things like "Reasons to smile". Which is exactly why I look forward to your answers, Blanders!
(And the alternate: Genevieve, except I know she's on a blogging hiatus and may not feel like it. Enjoy your holiday, Gen!)
U - Unknown Fact About Me: I have eaten bee larvae fresh out of the hive and lightly boiled with salt and honey. They are an Iban delicacy. (My father is part Iban.) They also taste quite horrible. I was concerned the survivors would kill us all in the morning, in a scene from some B-grade insect horror movie.
V - Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals? I do love me some oppressed bacon, although I prefer it free-range.
W - Worst Habit: Indecision, procrastination, easily distracted by the Internet (in equal thirds).
X - X-rays or Ultrasounds? Ultrasounds. I ain't letting no radiation beams near my 'nads!
Y - Your Favorite Foods. Sweet and sour fish. Prawn fritters. Banana fritters. Roti canai/pratha. Roast pork. Buy my new book at How to eat yourself to an early grave!
Z- Zodiac: Year of the Dragon AND a Leo. You think I'd have a lot more moxie with such a combination, but no, I'm still afraid of the dark!


Juliness said...

You've just confirmed every one of the lovely things I've thought about you over the last few months. You are loads of fun, ever so intelligent and have an amazing gastronomical palate. Very cool.

ジェネヴィーヴ said...

I love Leos. No wonder I like you so much. ;]

At least you're not Leo & Rooster. I met a guy like that last week. GOOD GOD. >_<

an9ie said...

Juliness and Genevieve! Welcome to the mutual admiration society, because I think you guys. Totally. Rock.

girl and dog said...

I loved your January vs. February answer. So very, very true!! I just don't like February because of all that Valentine's day crap forced upon us.

an9ie said...

Girl, it didn't even occur to me to think of Valentine's Day! I suppose my past work as a florist has made it a non-event for me.

Blandwagon said...

A - Attached or Single? Single. This frees me up for such things as watching too much TV, playing computer games for hours and staring at the wall.

B - Best Friend: Jesus. I don't see anyone else around here saving me from eternal damnation - some friends YOU turned out to be!

C - Cake or Pie: What is this "or" of which you speak?

D - Drink of Choice: Booze.

E - Essential Item: My brane.

F - Favorite Color: I believe in the equality of all colors. Who wrote this quiz - Pauline Hanson?

G - Gummi Bears or Worms? Sweet merciful crap; neither!

H - Hometown: Albany, where the bogans roam free and proud.

I - Indulgence: Yes, please.

J - January or February: January: there are more public holidays in January.

K - Kids: Where? Dammit, and me without my gun!

L - Life is incomplete without: Mystery Science Theater 3000... like you had to ask.

M - Marriage Date: Whenever Jennifer Hawkins says the word, I'm there, baby!

N - Number of Siblings: Two. No, three. Wait, do conjoined twins count as one or two?

O - Oranges or Apples? Apples. Oranges are the Devil's fruit, suitable only for burning or throwing at unmarried mothers.

P - Phobias/Fears. Donatella Versace.

Q - Favorite Quote: "the life of man; solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short" - Thomas Hobbes.

R - Reasons to smile: Men being hit in the groin by cricket bat-wielding toddlers. Thank you, Australia's Funniest Home Videos!

S - Season: Winter, since that's when it rains, and we need the rain. If you say any other season then you must hate Australia. Why do you hate Australia?

T- Tag Three: Hmmm... Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, Shining Path founder Abimael Guzman, and Puffy, the Anti-Obesity Panda!

U - Unknown Fact About Me: I have seven thousand nipples. Let me tell you, when a chill wind blows, I look like a porcupine.

V - Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals? Both. I am an equal-opportunity oppessor.

W - Worst Habit: Snarking.

X - X-rays or Ultrasounds? Er... why don't we let a doctor decide that?

Y - Your Favorite Foods. Right now I am eating a raisin brioche from Barrett's bakery, and right now, it is my world.

Z- Zodiac: Libra. Cross me and you'll get a thwack from my scales upside the head.

an9ie said...

Blandwagon! The point of this exercise is to publish the results on your OWN blog, so that people know what a soft marshmallowy creature you really are!

Nice work, though :)