Sunday, April 08, 2007

Roasting chickens - free-range please!

By the way, I just checked on the chickens roasting in the oven. And I've noticed a bit of a . . . smell.

We usually try to get free-range chickens, but on Saturday, the supermarket was all out, so I got a twin pack of smaller hens. I'm sure they will taste good, but I wish I hadn't now.

You can definitely taste and see and feel a difference in the meat. It tends to fall apart more easily, and not in a good way, it's not as good to chew, and the skin is thin and sickly looking. Whereas the free-range chickens I've cooked are firmer and definitely hold the seasoning and flavour better. And as I mentioned before, there is a . . . smell. Not to put myself off my own dinner, but it's a bit of a dung-y aroma. Mmm.

Next time, free-range, or nothing!