Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mmm, catalogues

Guys and dolls, I have something very special for you today.

SO special that I had to squeal and run into the next room to show it to MFC, despite his characteristic lack of interest in anything catalogue-y.

(trembling): Oh! My! Golly! Look at this! How FREAKING AWESOME is this?
MFC: Huh?
an9ie (points to it): Look! LOOK AT IT!
MFC: Looks stupid.

Seriously, guys, I love this so much that I'm thinking of setting up a fake wedding just so I can put this on the register and shame my parents.

I take my hat off to the genius who thought of this. Behold! The eighth wonder of the world!

When it's time for poopies, you'll feel like a king pharaoh!

"Fascinating antiquities look for your bathroom!" - I love it.
Can't wait for the Capuchin Monks edition to come out!

At least MFC and I could agree that this next item was pretty outstanding.
How smug does that doggie look?

HA-ha! You want to be me but you can't be me!

What a great idea!

When I think of my poor Pepe (long-haired black and tan doxie) getting old and stiff and arthritic in his twilight years, and how much he would have enjoyed an outing to the park without having to walk there . . . sigh. Poor baby.

I think it needs a little door or something in front though, because if your pet has arthritis or a bad back, the last thing they want is to be awkwardly handled and lifted in and out of a pram.

Now, this little guy here seems a bit concerned.

Is it because there doesn't seem to be any visible means of attaching the crate to the car?

And finally, a quilt pattern that I am a little conflicted about.

The six-year-old girl in me goes, "Ooh, pretty! Like Strawberry Shortcake! I think?!?", while the Zen minimalist growls, "Hah! If Strawberry Shortcake had her period, maybe."

I think I shall call you . . . "Bleeding Eyes".


Blandwagon said...

I realise these catalogues bring you joy, but you know that those responsible for these atrocities must die. You do realise that, don't you? Our species will never know dignity until they are dead.

an9ie said...

But...Blandy...doggie pram! Eygptian toilet seats! Don't take them away from me!

Anonymous said...

I've always thought that dogs that take their owners out for a walk as silly. I think of it every time I see a dog being carried around the city either by hand or in someones handbag. Now they have prams! Did you notice the price? $699? Damn.

BTW, I think the toilet thing looks silly too.

<3 RaZeR

an9ie said...

The pram was $79, not too bad if you have an old dog who still enjoys going out. I think it would help their quality of life. And if your dog is your child, well, you'd do a lot to make it happy.

The toilet thing is so ridiculously silly, but so grandiose at the same time, it can only be a work of genius, I reckon ^_^

girl and dog said...

Oh, the toilet seat!! That is going on my registry, no doubt about it! I think I'll carry the theme across the bathroom... Do you think they make shower curtains?

ジェネヴィーヴ said...

OMG that toilet seat is SO COOL! I so want one myself! (I'm not joking, either. When I transfer to a uni I'm seriously thinking of American Uni in Cairo to minor in Egyptology. I've been obssessed with ancient Egypt since I was a teenager, haha.)

I think the pram is priceless. I'd love one for my dog who just turned 12 and is kinda old, but sadly he's 100 lbs and I just wouldn't be able to push a dog that weighs like 15lbs less than I do haha. >_<

an9ie said...

Do you think they make shower curtains?

Girl, all things considered, I'd be very surprised if they didn't make shower curtains.

Gen, I hope one day to see an Indiana Jones-style entry in your blog. "Dear Diary, today I rescued the one-eyed statue of Gigahamometh from grave robbers, after incapacitating them with my trusty whip and attack cat."