Monday, April 02, 2007

Indiebloggers Writing Challenge #005 and Creepy Golems

On Friday I submitted a little piece to the Indiebloggers Weekly Challenge. The challenge was to continue the following story.

300 words regarding:

To be mean, you shave your neighbor’s monkey. It gets a cold and dies. You get arrested for animal abuse and go to prison for three years. On your first day in jail, as you walk into general assembly, the crowd goes completely silent. They part like a wave revealing a shrunken old man who radiates a merciless, palpable evil. He looks at you and says “Finally.”

I was bored (probably procrastinating while doing something important like renewing my passport) and wrote it in about 15 minutes. I like to think the main message people will take home with them is, "Man, this chick watches WAY too much Simpsons and Futurama!"

Here's the link.

Also, for your amusement, I would like to present the local jeweller's little tribute to Easter. When not masquerading as Creepy Rabbit-Obsessed Golem Wearing A Butcher's Apron Covered In Suspicious Brown Stains, it's a little mannequin that stands in the window and strikes his little hammer towards you in a jerky, slightly violent manner.

One day I'll kill you all . . . like little rabbits. . .

My brother and I walked past and he went, "Oh man! As if that thing wasn't creepy enough already!"


Jay said...

I was highly entertained, until the creepy bunny in the window. That one will give me nightmares for sure.

an9ie said...

It's OK, Jay! You're safe on the other side of the ocean, and they can't cross running water.

As for us here in Perth, it's only a matter of time before he finds out that he can break the glass display case with his little hammer and go on a murderous rampage!

girl and dog said...

That rabbit gave me the CREEPS!

an9ie said...

Remind me to take a picture of what he looks like without the mask! :)