Monday, April 09, 2007


I always think that Mummies make wherever they are feel like home.

Well, this is probably debateable, depending on whether or not you're lucky enough to have a Mum like mine or MFC's.

They clean, they garden, they cook and fill the place with appetising smells . . .

You can certainly tell that MFC's Mum is in da house.

The floors are so clean, they gleam with reflections . . .

The fridge is full of snacks with little enticing notes on them, like in Alice In Wonderland.
(These are rum balls from
The Cheesecake Shop, by the way.)

And when she's home and not out working to earn money for snacks, there's a nutritious, yet delicious, hot dinner on the table at night!

And for some light relief, here is something I found at a friend's house on Friday night. Very much a Nanna item, methinks:

It's a toilet roll bra!

The scary thing is, I used the loo at someone else's house, then raced out to get my camera from my handbag*, and went back in to take a photo. I am truly a blogging nerd.

* Update (11/4/2007): And YES I washed my hands before I got my camera, thank you very much.