Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter! Again! (For Real :)

Happy Easter to you all!

I had a good think about how Easter came about, especially on Good Friday. It made me feel a little sad, and a little awed.

The whole chocolate thing, I never really experienced it until I came to Australia. I think I got my first chocolate egg when I was 16.

Incidentally, my brother and I were talking about how the whole rabbit and egg thing got started. (Yes, I know I can look it up on Wikipedia or something, but I don't care that much :)

Glen: I'll bet it actually has really sinister origins, like, the druids used to sacrifice rabbits and fill them with cooked eggs or something.
an9ie: OR, maybe some guy would dress himself up in freshly killed rabbit skins, and wander around the village, fertilising the women in the dead of night!
Glen: EW! Angie!

Bounty from MFC, and family of MFC.

A more detailed analysis. The cluster on the bottom right (including box of 32 Lindt balls) is from my sweetie. He either cares very much, or plans to rob me tonight while I lie in a diabetic coma.

Speckled M&M eggs! I left these in the bag rather than spread them out on the carpet. That would be unsanitary, no?

(Picture taken before I ate much chocolate and then played 3 hours of Rayman on the X-Box, making myself extremely ill from motion sickness. Yes, I am a wuss and cannot play 3D games for very long. Luckily no throwing up occured, although it was a close call and I lay on the bed willing my oesophagus to be a one-way valve. Nothing is going to come back up, dammit!
Stupid Rayman.)

Last night and today we watched nine X-Files episodes, from 4.14 ("Leonard Betts") to 4.23 ("Gethsemene"). As I stopped watching X-Files at around Season 2, it's all fresh and new to me, which is nice. Such a good series. I encourage you all to re-explore it.

We're going to watch more X-Files tonight, along with Elf, and maybe The Weather Man, if we're not too pooped. There is a garlic roast chicken in the oven, along with some roasted potatoes and an experiment in roasting garlic.

Long weekends. Awesome.

P.S. I saw the Bride at a little party on Friday, and she told me about something quite revolting that she and Crabs conspired to do when Crabs returned to her interstate abode. It really is quite horrible, but I won't tarnish your Easter with it.

Tomorrow, then? It's a date!


Anonymous said...

AAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH! I thought i explained to you before an9ie - I DON'T DO SUSPENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<3 Kathry

girl and dog said...

Oh, can't wait to hear more Crabs stories!