Saturday, April 14, 2007

Guess what this (food) is #2

Sorry guys, busy weekend.

Helping my parents look for a new house, two birthdays, and an invitation to dinner Sunday night means no lazy evenings spent writing blog posts on the computer.

But just for kicks, here's another peek into the world of Asian cuisine. I'll let you have a guess before I reveal the answer tomorrow or the day after.

This is one of my favourite breakfast foods. You can eat it sliced thinly into rice porridge or sweet mung bean soup, smear it with kaya (egg jam), or dip it in sweetened condensed milk.

Mmm. Heartattackalicious!

Love it.

And on a less pleasant note, today was the second time that I've been yelled at, in public, because I was Asian. (I have been yelled at in public before, but mostly with sentences that incorporated words like "boobs" or "funbags". Classy.)

My first experience with outright racism was in 1993, so twice in fourteen years is pretty good, I guess. That time, I was leaving Garden City Shopping Centre and these two spotty youths, probably all of 16 years, blocked my path and then thrust their faces into mine, chorusing something I didn't quite catch before running away. One of the words sounded like "slope", and "yellow" might have been in there too. I was still in my teens, so time has thankfully blurred most of that memory.

I stood there frozen in shock, ears ringing, vision blurry, before I recovered and walked nervously back to my car.

Today, as I was crossing the road to a different shopping centre, a guy in the passenger seat of a car driving past, leant so far out of the window that I could see his shoulders, and yelled, "KONNICHI-WA!" at me.


This time I didn't even pause. I just cocked an eyebrow contemptuously, and kept walking.

He was in throwing range, so it's not the first time I wished projectile stunners were legal.

Obviously I need to train me some kind of crazy, smart, genetically-engineered Revenge Cat. A nice fat Ginger Tom who's nice to normal people but flies hissing at the groins of morons.

Sigh, I can only dream.


Juliness said...

I can't see the picture so I can't guess what it is. And I really am disappointed because all of those accompanying foods are lovely, so I WANT TO KNOW WHAT GOES WITH THEM.

Ok, better now.

As to the other? Brainless idiots abound, my dear and I'm sorry they focused their respective idiocy in your direction. As a 6 foot tall redhead, I've received my fair share of (what I like to call) dumb-ass comments too.

My next move is to hook up with Tracy of Kalpy, Inc and learn how to throw spiky grapefruit spoons at eyeballs. Wouldn't that action have suited your situation perfectly today? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I know what that food is :) And I know it's chewy and oily. In fact, you spend most of your time squeezing the oil out of it in your mouth.

Revenge Cat FTW. I want one. Hell, give me 10.

I was walking home from the train station (yes, I bought a new car and I'm too paranoid to park it at the train station) and some idiots leaned out of a FWD and yelled something at me. No idea what it was, but sometimes I wish I was some sort of X-men and run in front of them, yank out their bodies that are oh-so-conveniently hanging out of the car, and proceed to stomp on them.

I mean, the only reason why they do such things is because they think they are untouchable. Someone really needs to teach them a lesson.

It reminds me of small-man-IRC syndrome: some little ass-hat on IRC says really abusive things to everyone he can, cause he's on the other side of the intertube and no-one can reach out and squash him; however, when you finally meet him (i.e. you are within punching reach) he's like your best buddy.

The anger only lasts a few seconds though, because then my goody-little-concious kicks in and reminds me of how much jail time and financial loss I would face for slamming someones face in their car door followed by scraping their face across the road.

<3 RaZeR

Anonymous said...

So, that looks good but sounds disugsting. Hmm.

Good god, I can't believe that guy. -shakes head-
Some people are just so lame and low you almost feel sorry for them.