Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Emo rabbit

Check out the bunny at this post. I refuse to believe rabbits like these occur anywhere in the wild. Not even on Fire Island. Surely only man could have created this travesty.

Yes, it is cute, in an emo kind of way, except it seems to emanate pure evil. (Heehee, poor emos, they try so hard to be bad, but it doesn't quite work. When I see the word "emo" it makes me think, ooh, Evil Lite! Or I Can't Believe It's Not Evil! Diversity through conformity! NB: I can laugh because I used to be one, or something like one, in high school, except there was no such term then, and we were just "those freaks".)

I've figured out what gives me the heebeejeebees about this rabbit.

It's the eyes. The eyeliner effect makes it look like it has human eyes.

Voldemort eyes.



Blandwagon said...

To be truly emo it needs a little floppy fringe.

Anonymous said...


well, the bunny is cute. The human looking eyes are a little freaky. Then again, my japanese akita (RIP) had human looking eyes too.

Didn't there used to be an 80's cartoon called "Gem!" about rockstarts with heavy eyeliner? I'm somewhat reminded of that.

I wonder what the RSPCA has to say? I recall they chucked a fit one easter when someone dyed baby chickens different colours and took photos, and that was cute too. Doesn't look like any harm has been done, unless it starts a trend...

<3 RaZeR

an9ie said...

Blanders - I think they do those too.

RaZeR - The rabbit has been bred to look like it has eyeliner! I don't think she actually put eyeliner on it! :p