Friday, March 23, 2007

Random think bubbles and conversations

This is an old post from the 10th of March, that I wrote and never posted. The slackness of an9ie rides again!

I thought I'd post it anyway, before it becomes too irrelevant, e.g. Foxtel gets taken over by giant robots and becomes a thing of horror. Oh, wait . . .


I was at MFC's place last night writing and editing the D&G post below, while watching music videos on Foxtel. My secret vice. I just love having them on in the background and being able to rest my eyes on the crazy outfits and booty-shaking.

Occasionally something dancey would come on and, unable to sit still, I would skip into MFC's bedroom, where he was concentrating very hard on his XBox, prance around for a bit, exchange some dialogue, and skip out again.

So here are some random thinks I had while watching said videos, and also bits and pieces of brief conversations with MFC. I included a timelog, because I think they're cool, but some of them may be made up because I was pretty distracted at the time.

22:56 I'm Outta Love, Anastacia

I really like Anastacia with her glasses on. She makes them sexy (not that I'm biased at all). Without them on she's just another generic popstar blonde. Please keep the glasses, Anastacia!

23:17 (Can't remember, must've been boring because I went to bother MFC)

MFC (in his fourth hour of X-Box gaming): Where's my dinner, woman?*
an9ie: I could make you some nice pan-fried tofu with oyster sauce and fried shallots!
MFC: Never mind. I've got some meat defrosting in the microwave.
an9ie: Would you like me to do something with it?
an9ie: . . . like pee on it for you?

* He does mean this in a joking way. If he were serious, he'd wake up the next morning with something important missing. And I don't mean his brain. Something important to HIM.

23:34 Dancing on the Ceiling, Lionel Richie

MFC can juuust see the TV screen from his bedroom.
MFC (from bedroom): Who IS this?
an9ie: It's Dancing on the Ceiling! Lionel Richie's most famous song!*
MFC: I thought it was Eddie Murphy.
an9ie: Is it because he's black?
MFC: From back here he looks like Eddie Murphy.
an9ie: There IS a similarity from 50 metres

* Sometimes I forget how old I am. Note: MFC is a leetle younger than me. And by "leetle", I mean, shut it.

23:41 White Wedding, Billy Idol

OooOOOH! Now Billy Idol's White Wedding is on. Sigh. Nostalgia. I do love that song. (Run into MFC's room)
an9ie: If we ever get married, do you think I could walk down the aisle to Billy Idol's White Wedding?
MFC (warily): Yes.
an9ie: Yay! (Skips out.)
MFC: But I think you'll change your mind!

Update 23/03/2007: Dammit! He knows me too well!


Ugh, I just saw an ad for Girls Gone Wild. Their parents must be so proud.

23:54 Groove Is In The Heart, Deee-Lite

This song makes my hackles rise. I don't know why. Everyone else seems to love it.

23:57 Call On Me, Eric Prydz

Oh, this video is so naughty, but so funny. It makes me laugh every time I see it. Did you know they made a real exercise video based on the moves from the music video?

(Pauses for another look.)

You know, it must take real skill for everyone to pump their pelvises in unison. Type "Call on me " into YouTube to see what I mean.

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