Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Kangas! For the non-Oz readers!


The Australians can all go, "Meh!" and return to reading blogs about moose and cupcakes, but I thought the furrin' visitors would like this.

I went to a place called Karri Valley Resort on the weekend. They have a large sports oval and the kangaroos come and graze on it at dawn and dusk, leaving poo everywhere.

To the country locals, this isn't unusual at all. And in fact, if you live out in the city fringe 'burbs or up in the hills, it's quite a common sight there as well.


Anonymous said...

Awww, I wish we had cool animals! Cuuuuute. But I bet the crap everywhere gets annoying. >_<

an9ie said...

Hey G, I think it's what you're used to. When I went to London I was all, "OMG! Squirrels! They're so cute! Here, squirrel-squirrel-squirrel!" and my cousin was looking at me like I was crazy :)

Kangaroos are cute until you see one standing up close to you and realise it's, like, 6 feet tall and could punch your lights out. Their poo is like sheep poo, but a little bigger, so it's not too bad.

Anonymous said...

The one at the back left doesn't look very kangaroo-like... is it a baby cow or something?

- RaZeR

an9ie said...

Nah, they're all kangaroos, it's just a weird angle.