Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Filler - Another Catalogue

Here is a little gem that Em brought me today. She thought it would fit in well with my catalogue series. That girl knows me so well . . . *sniff*:


"Yes, hello, I would like to order your personal massager? In the 9.5" please, because, um, I have an extra long back and I really need to reach the muscles right at the end . . . I mean, bottom . . . I mean, back.

"Ah jeez, just send me the extra large vibrator, OK, lady?"


girl and dog said...

Gawd!!! Could they have made it more obvious?!?! I betcha the only way that model agreed to pose with the vibrator was if she was looking away from the camera. ;)

I have been waiting all weekend for your "weekend from hell" story!!!

an9ie said...

Girl, I like how they managed to include all the buzzwords as well: "deep", "penetrating", "satisfying" but in a way that wouldn't shock the grannies :)

Sorry! This second weekend from hell story is really long and I want to make sure everything is in there. I may have to break it up into chapters!