Saturday, March 10, 2007

Fashion Schmashion: D&G and Stella McC

Image from Adrants

What do you guys think of this ad? It was recently banned from Italian publications after complaints that it suggested gang rape.

The news story didn't show the picture, but I eventually found it on Adrants. Some of the comments from Adrants readers are quite amusing, such as:
how can five gays and a girl be called a gang rape?
Posted by: jackson on February 20, 2007 02:44 PM
My partner speculates that the gay men are holding her down to force her to tell them where she got those shoes.
Posted by: Tracey on February 24, 2007 09:53 AM

I'm not a big fan of this ad, to me everything looks cold, plastic, slightly menacing. I mean, both men and women are becoming heavily objectified in the media, so stuff like this certainly doesn't help. Haven't we given our children enough things to be neurotic about?

To be fair though, if they're going to ban these, I reckon they should put a death fatwa on those insidious Bratz dolls as well. Sweet Mary Jo, I hate those things and their blowjob-ready lips so much!

Anyhoo, back to poor D&G . . .

Except when I say that, it happens to sound exactly the same as when I exclaim, "Aw, poor Donald Trump!" or, "Paris Hilton doesn't deserve to be treated like that!"

Name brands don't really cut it with me. I mean, I love looking at the dresses on Oscar night, I like buying clothes and shoes and looking nice, but I'm not a fan of haute couture. Usually I buy what's on sale or shop at cheap places like Temt, because at the moment it's more important to me to pay off my mortgage quickly and travel overseas once a year. I only buy clothing if I need it, it makes me look nice, and it's decent quality. And contrary to what some people think, it IS possible to dress well without spending $100+ on each item of clothing. 

If you still don't think so, I offer you the sound of an ant farting. Remember to get your face good and close to the screen!

In a nutshell, I think branded items are a pretentious waste of money. And don't get me started on Stella McCartney's new line for Target. Apparently we're "bloody lucky" to have it. That's what she said. From the horse's mouth*, folks.

Oh, Stella, we're not worthy. No, really. Tell Target to take their millions and stuff them where the sun don't shine. We antiquated Antipodeans could never wear your couture the way it deserves to be worn. And how are those trenchcoats going to fit over our vestigial tails?

Gleesh. If Oscar de la Renta can make gowns for Barbie, it's not so degrading to contribute designs to Target, surely. Yes, yes, it's all about making fashion for the people. But really, who else would fashion be for? Spider monkeys? The Bornean White-Bearded Gibbon?

I seem to have apes on the brain. Sorry!

The Stella line arrives in our stores on Monday. Australian fashion journalists are predicting that there will be crazy bunfights in Target stores all over the country, with women queuing up for hours before the shops open, and getting all Girlfight on each other, wrestling for coveted items and so forth. Interested parties are advised** to bring friends along ("strength in numbers"), to "plan their collective attack", and watch the fitting rooms for discarded items.

So it looks like I should avoid Target altogether for the next couple of weeks. Not an onerous task, since I only go there to buy cotton undies in packs of 10 (when the 20% off underwear sale is on, that is) and cheap chocolate.

Alternatively, I could walk into town at lunchtime and stand outside Target with a big bag of popcorn.

Let the hair-pulling begin!

* Link goes to a news story called "Top-end Target goes Stella", by Fiona Hudson at the Daily Telegraph, posted February 01, 2007 12:00.

** By the way, I was a little bored (and, of course, snarky) this morning and noticed that there were a few spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in this article. Which comes from a national news source. I know I make mistakes too but I'm not linked to by, for goodness' sake. Are our children not illiterate enough already?*** So I sent them a comment citing the mistakes. My comment didn't get posted, but the article was mysteriously fixed up five minutes later. Hee.

*** I only say that because if I asked, "Oh, won't someone think of the an9ies?", all you would hear is white noise followed by the sound of an ant farting.****

**** And so what if I'm repeating myself? It's scientific AND cool! And my Mum says I'm cool. (If you can't listen to the WMA, go to Hamish and Andy's home page and scroll to the bottom.)


girl and dog said...

I'm usually not one to make a big deal about what the media and advertisers do to try to impress their labels upon us, but in this instance, sadly, I do think it looks like rape and this ad is a little over the top...

I'm with you on the idiocy of labels. And Stella McC!! I cannot believe she said that!! You should organize a boycott!!

an9ie said...

Yes, girl, I agree, although I was trying to give D&G the benefit of the doubt. No matter how you pretty it up, that is what it looks like, and it's not OK.

I do try to buy Australian when I can afford it, and I really like a brand called Jacqui E that makes really well-cut stuff, but I have to get my priorities straight. Plenty of time to splurge when I'm a millionaire!

As for Stella McC, well, buying the clothes is its own punishment. They're not that great, and you'll be walking around looking like everyone else! I would like to turn up with my bag of popcorn to watch, though :p

thethinker said...

I hate Bratz dolls. Too much makeup on each doll. They kinda scare me.

an9ie said...

I'm with ya, thinker. They make Barbie look like a mature, sophisticated feminist.

dionna said...

Amen sister. I do not understand the thought process behind "wow - I have to have that pair of $500 jeans! They make my ass look, like, 2 lbs lighter than this $50 pair!" Come ON people.

an9ie said...

Hey dionna! It's amazing, isn't it? The last three pairs of jeans I've bought have been under $50 AND they didn't make my butt look big.

People are spending way too much money on the wrong things, methinks. You can't eat, live under, travel with, or retire on a $500 pair of jeans!