Friday, March 02, 2007

Christmas Catalogue, Part 4

Despite bagging the Christmas catalogue, which, come on, guys, has provided us with minutes of entertainment and asked for so little in return, except for, well, our IMMORTAL SOULS, there are two items that I am kind-of-maybe-really-actually thinking of ordering. Because they rock*.

If this works the way it's supposed to, it's a frickin' GENIUS idea. Toilet-pee-smell. Gag.

The metal + water thing really does get rid of odours. Next time you've finished chopping up onions or garlic, and you're washing your hands, run your wet fingers over the metal tap (assuming you have a metal tap), and you'll find the smell has gone.

And what about this doo-hickey here? This one I'm viewing with a little more scepticism, because it reminds me of
those mineral deoderants hippies use, and I've unwillingly sniffed a lot of hippies while in Fremantle.

That mineral deoderant shit don't work, you guys! Don't make me get the Febreeze out!

Oh, if only this came in Marine Fresh flavour!
Um, scent, I mean. Yeah, scent.

"...prevents stains for up to 5 years or 50,000 flushes." How do they get those figures?

I picture little Oompa-loompas running around this magical factory testing all their stuff. While the others are playing with the LSD-inspired rose light (see three posts back), and giggling at the Santa Poo tree (four posts back), our guy is sitting disconsolately on the toilet, drinking a gallon of water, and getting ready to flush for the 3,568th time.

* They rock because I like the clean.


finnegan said...

does the metal vs. odors thing really work? i'll have to try that next time... i thought it was a hoax when i saw it in a catalog.

an9ie said...

Hey finnegan, yep, just run your wet fingers over the taps, making sure all the skin exposed to the onion/garlic contacts the metal, rinse as many times as necessary, and voila, stink-free! No need to buy anything from a catalogue.

I'm not sure about the toilet thingy from my post though, it might only work for a small area and make no difference.

Anonymous said...

argh. I'd never think of people making my taps dirty, till you said that. Now I get the feeling that not only will the dishes need cleaning in my house, the taps will too.

Dirty taps! Taps are the one part of the sink that never get touched by anything. Cray-zeeeee!

My world has flipped around once again. I don't expect many people to understand my frustration.

- RaZeR