Thursday, March 08, 2007

Chinese Festivals: Chap Goh Meh Follow-Through

I wrote this last Sunday, on the 4th of March, but I've only just got off my behind and sorted out the pictures. Eep.

If you would be so kind as to pretend that it's last Sunday, and you've just looked on the Internet, and, wa-hey! Angie posted on time for a change!

Then we can all go "Hooray for everybody!" and have some strawberry ice-cream.

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Today is the last day of Chinese New Year, also known as Chap Goh Meh in some parts of South East Asia.

Em and I were going to spend the morning by the river anyway, as we were working at the Women's Triathlon (AKA Festival of Perth's Cutest Dogs). So Em, ever prepared (she'll make a great Mum, I tells ya), brought 9 pristine oranges, meticulously hand-picked from the fruit trays at the supermarket, to sacrifice to the river gods.

Now we shall pause to look at pretty pictures of the sun rising over the river . . .

With flash . . .

And without.

Now, I mentioned this festival to a friend, in passing, and how it would help us find good husbands, and he said something like, "Huh, as if you two need luck!"

However, ladies, it's not just about finding the man, but also about 1) getting him to propose, and 2) making sure you get a GOOD one, and not one who pretends to be asleep when the baby starts crying.

So here's Em, and as you can see, she's got a pretty good over-arm throw.

Methinks she has done this before . . .

O mighty and powerful river gods, bring me the Cleo Bachelor of the Year!
Oh alright, FINE, it doesn't have to be THIS year's.

There were some oranges left over, so I got to have a go as well. I've blurred out a couple of things: a) my face, because I'm not quite ready to put it on the blog, and b) my boobs, because those damn muscle shirts make a C look like a DD. Sheesh.

Yep, it's my "gonna be working outdoors this weekend" uniform. Check out the bumbag!

Heehee! Look what I got, ma!

I try the underarm throw.
And yes, like a girl . . . yada-yada . . .

Hey! Those little suckers can really fly!
(Many thanks to Em for taking this fantastic action shot :)

Oh crap.


Run for it before the rangers see us!


girl and dog said...

Loved the action shot! And I know what you mean about getting them to propose... It's like: Get ON with it, already!!!

an9ie said...

Nothing beats a mid-air orange in the morning!

Oh yeah, you can smell the fear in the room. I still believe that they have to decide for themselves naturally rather than be nagged into it though, perhaps I'm an idealist who will be waiting forever!

Anonymous said...


most entertaining.

I don't reckon you should have blurred out those assets though, but what am I to judge, for I cannot see the original - you didn't blur the second pic, so maybe in the first pic they were just sitting odd...

When I was younger, I always thought a LONG engagement would be best.... how my view is changing now that time has passed.

- RaZeR

an9ie said...

Raz, for some reason, in those shirts: side view - OK, front on - achtung! The Hindenberg has landed!

Beh, I reckon if you're going off to fight for country, then maybe a long engagement is OK, but otherwise, why bother?

ジェネヴィーヴ said...

Haha, people always think my boobs are so much bigger than they really are. I'm just like no! They're Cs NOT Ds, I SWEAR.

Looks like you had fun! The sunrise pictures were very pretty. :)

an9ie said...

Genevieve, the sunrises make the 3am wake-up worth it, I reckon. You get to see the day while it's all fresh, before it gets tired and cranky :)