Monday, February 19, 2007

Conversation smut

Updated (22/02/2007): This post has been edited. A certain Admiral Spoilsport said I made most of the conversation up. Pffft.

Before I forget, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! I had a whole post lined up for the New Year, but I still need to find a picture to go with it, so you'll just have to deal with this bit of smuttiness for now.

For some reason, this afternoon, I ended up talking to [SOME ANONYMOUS PERSON or SAP, and don't look at me, I was just as surprised as you were when I saw the acronym] about how much escort girls got paid. This may be a bit risqué for some, so please don't read if easily offended*.

an9ie: So, this website says they get $190 for an hour, and $260 for two hours. Holy crap!
SAP: It's just sex.
an9ie: Really? But $190?
SAP: I hear blow jobs are about $50.
an9ie: Don't people think about how many . . . other people have been inside these ladies before them? And gone . . . ewww?
SAP: Well, duh.
an9ie: If I were paying $190, I'd want a virgin.
an9ie: But one who knew exactly what she was doing and was really good at it.

Actually, screw that. If I'm paying $190 I'd at least want my car waxed, my gutters cleaned and all the bats gone from the roof space. Hop to it, young lady!

* Because then, well, you'll be offended and it'll be a big old damper on your day. Also, I don't have any chocolate compensation biscuits to give away right now.