Saturday, February 17, 2007

Rottnest Channel Swim cancelled

I was meant to work at the Rottnest Channel Swim this morning, but it's been cancelled.
Darn! There goes part of this month's payment for those damn glamour shots.

The weather had been a bit iffy all week, so it was about 50-50, but when I rocked up to Cottesloe Beach this morning at 5am, there was no doubt about it.

Nobody's starting today.

I felt sorry for people who had travelled from Melbourne and Brisbane to do this race.

There were even some visitors from Japan. Imagine coming all the way from Japan and being told the race was cancelled!

Come on, dear, we've travelled such a long way for this. Just have a little go! Maybe 4 or 5 kms and then decide . . .

See! Those waves don't look high at all!

Em and I got our photos taken for the Community Newspaper. Caption: "Concerned organisers look worriedly at the crowd!" I realised I had a big smile in the first few photos, so I toned it down and looked suitably worried. Then I went back to my sweet bed. Mmm, bed.


Juliness said...

What a bummer! Are they going to reschedule the swim? I mean, you need at least one more opportunity to haul your behind out of bed at the crack of dawn, don't you?

an9ie said...

Nope, just cancelled. But there's another swim coming up March/April. I think it's called the Rottnest Big Splash and was setup directly in competition with this one.

I am going to have many opportunities to haul my unwilling buttocks out from the sheets. This is my second/weekend job - average wakeup time 4 - 5am. But they help pay for those damn glamour shots!