Thursday, February 08, 2007

Plastic surgery

My brother was telling me about the following scenario that made news around the world:

Man and beautiful woman meet.
After a whirlwind courtship, they marry.
Woman gives birth to ugly baby.
Man is . . . surprised.
Woman confesses she had extensive plastic surgery.
Man divorces her and sues her for thousands of dollars.

Turns out it's old news from 2004, but still, an interesting tale. Worthy of Shakespeare, or at least Melrose Place. Anyway, according to the link I found about it from


Plastic surgery divorce

HEGANG - A husband has received 1 million yuan (US$124,000) compensation and a divorce from his wife who had concealed having had plastic surgery before their marriage. Her secret was revealed when she gave birth to a baby girl on September 1 last year. To the astonishment of her husband, the baby was ugly and totally different from him and his "beautiful" wife. The husband suspected his wife of having an affair with another man when he was away on a business trip and insisted on having a DNA test with the baby. The woman was forced to tell him the truth about her plastic surgery.

I'm wondering if these two people deserve each other. And what about the poor baby? 


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, that is SO sad and SO horrible! Can you imagine growing up as that kid? "Oh you're the ugly baby! You're so ugly your parents got divorced and your mom was sued!"

That's just horrible.

Juliness said...

Oh wow. That is really sad...and totally indicative of our society. You are right, they do deserve each other, but that baby doesn't deserve parents like that.

Blandwagon said...

Steady on, Juliness. I don't think you can say that this is indicative of Chinese society as a whole. With a billion people's stories to choose from, you're likely to find some pretty extreme ones.

Also, if I was Shakespeare, I would TOTALLY steal this for my next play.

an9ie said...

I certainly can't imagine the schoolyard taunting that poor child would have to endure if the mother stayed in the same province.

Blandwagon, I think juliness meant it was indicative of Westernised society, and not Chinese society as such.