Thursday, February 22, 2007

Christmas Catalogue, Part 2

You look at some of the things in this catalogue and it becomes pretty clear who the target audience is.

No, thank you, Auntie Grace. I don't need a hankie.
No, really. Yes, it DOES look Silky smooth.
Just . . . just put it back under your bra strap, where it came from.

And if you turn over a few more pages, you'll see this beauty.

The Monet? Phooey! Bundle it off to Good Sammy's!

If you really want to impress the Ambassador when he comes over for dinner, bring this baby out.

"When placed by a window at night, the slightest breeze will make
a soothing swaying effect as the soft cascades of light dance
before your eyes like glistening jewels."

Just reading the description makes my eyes glisten. Like jewels.

Daddy, is this where baby rose lights come from?


girl and dog said...

Oooo! I gotta get me one of those glowy pink things! It'll go perfectly with the pink plastic flamingos in my front yard... But seriously, YUCK!!!

Juliness said...

Can you just imagine how disturbing that hairy rose light will appear when you stare at it after consuming several cocktails? (Assuming you do purchase it, of course.)