Thursday, February 01, 2007

My potted week (except no pot was involved in this week)

Quick note: Notice how some the lines in some paragraphs are really short? Blogger has been playing up. I don't know what's going on. Sorry guys!

I know I've been quiet this past week, guys, and I do apologise. I've been dashing here and there, between MFC's house and my parents' place and my house, too knackered to set up my laptop at any of them, and now I've just realised that tomorrow will be Friday again and I haven't posted a thing!

I could post from work, I guess. They're all typed up in a text file and ready to go, but I don't want to be Dooced! How will I pay for those damn glamour shots THEN?

Anyway. Holy crap! Where does the time go?

I think I remember what I did last week.

Saturday: Dropped parents off at airport, this time making sure that they had the RIGHT passports. Very hot day, about 40 degrees C (104 degrees F). Go back to parents' house, get Mao (little bro's rabbit), and take him to MFC's. Spend most of day at MFC's house on Playstation 2 with Final Fantasy X (FFX). MFC thinks hero (Tidus) in FFX looks like a girl. I agree. And Yuna (the girl) looks a leeetle tranny-ish. Hmm.

Sunday: Hot again. 40 degrees C ++. A bushfire breaks out in Kenwick and about 200 homes lose power. Luckily we're not one of them. Cook a delicious 3kg leg of mutton*. Make the most delicious gravy in the world to go with it. Spend more of day in FFX fug.

Monday: Work. Boo! Afterwards check parents' house is OK and water plants. Go for walk with housemates. Return exhausted. Obviously have body of 90-year-old**. Fall into bed.

Tuesday: Ooh, four Diana Wynne Jones books that I've requested from the library have arrived. Go to parents' house and water plants. Arrive at MFC's exhausted. Obviously plants have got the better of me. Read Conrad's Fate for a little and fall into bed.

Wednesday: My first hip hop dance class at the Dance Workshop! Whee! Yay! Instructor is perky but nice. There are so many people that we form into 5 lines of 6. Warm-ups are insane, my arms, legs and arse are burning and we haven't even started learning the routine! When we start dancing and "popping" our butts out, I can't help looking at the woman in front of me. She is wearing tight pants and unsupportive underwear. My eyes!

Thursday: Today I finally get my act together and do some blogging. The effort is pitiful, but hello! Here I am! My eyes are burning with sleepiness but the flag is still flying!

* MFC and I try to eat mutton instead of lamb because we don't feel comfortable eating babies toddlers. Please do not send me any pro-vegetarian messages about how I should not be eating their parents either. We love meat. Love. It.

** I was going to say "80-year-old", but two weekends ago I saw an 83-year-old at a Swim Meet who swam 1km in freezing ocean water and made damn good time. Obviously MUCH fitter than me.


Blandwagon said...

Lamb isn't really from baby sheep. They're more toddler sheep by the time they're slaughtered.

an9ie said...

Good point, B! I shall correct that posthaste i.e., this evening :)

dex mission said...

i totally agree w/ what you said in my blog :)

how i balance my work and drawings?
lol. i dont. im no very good at it. its a constant struggle i have.

id like to make a living as an illustrator but its very difficult w/ no contacts. (living in miami doesnt help either.) i didnt have the luxury of an art school to help me meet people. everything i know i taught myself, by myself. thats not an excuse though, im trying to get work together and submit. its just a pain staking process because i need to pay my bills by other means other than creative.

i dont take classes. ive only had 2 semesters of college under me. but when i do, itll probably be more on psychology or english. i took an art class once but everything around me is very contemporary. they were more concerned about what i should be writing and the fact im a minority (pacific islander)) than what i am painting. i always thought that was odd.

Do said...

Being a huge carnivore myself, I totally appreciate your "meaty" comments. I have no problems with veg/vegan type people (other than their startling and kind of creepy resemblance to antelope) but can't stand it when they turn their noses up at my diet. Eat what you need to! And don't spare the gravy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's so hot out there! We're expecting snow here today. :(

I feel like I'm about that old every night after work. I sit at desk all day yet I come home exhausted. It's quite sad, really.

an9ie said...

dex - my reply's on your blog :)

do - I agree. Why can't we all just get along? I have lovely vegetarian friends who do the best they can, but don't shove their ideologies in your face. I also know some who are incredibly self-righteous, but still use animal products, and very often don't bother to verify the provenance of a trendy purchase.

Genevieve - I am struggling this weekend, 4.30am wake-up this morning and 2.50am wake-up tonight for my second job! Snow! Oh, how I would love to see some!