Saturday, February 17, 2007

Luigi the Cat and some random stuff

Last week I dropped MFC off at his mate Craig's place so they could go to the Isis concert together. Isis are like experimental rock metal something something, a bit too complex for a pleb like me. 

And I wanted to go to bed early. With my knitting and milk 'n cookies.

As we drove up, the most amazing sunset hove into view. 
It was like those Technicolor marvels from Gone With The Wind.

Craig's girlfriend has adopted the sweetest little cat. His name is Luigi (Craig explained that they wanted a Big Italian name). Even MFC, who is decidedly a dog-person, liked him. Luigi is very friendly and will plop himself winsomely on your lap for cuddles. He'll start purring if you even look at him from across the room :)

Am I not the most adorable thing you have ever seen?

Well, amn't I?

Tuna . . . you will bring me TUNA . . .

Craig likes to throw him across the floor (like a bowling ball) at the other cat, and he purrs loudly while he's swinging in the air. If you had a cat-human translator handy, I think all you'd hear Luigi say is: ''Oh boy! OH BOY!", "Loves you! Now you loves me back!" and "Ooh! Sparkly!"

Some other people were there and they asked me why I wasn't going to the concert. I just smiled and shrugged. As MFC said good-bye to me I felt a bit of chigga coming on.

an9ie: Holla holla holla!
MFC: THAT is why you're not going to the concert.


Anonymous said...

Haha that cat is SO cute. Though not nearly so as my horrifically obese cat, Mouse. ;)

Anonymous said...

great shots of the cat. It's usually hard to take good photos of animals indoors (low light, digital camera, blah blah blah)

I have tuna, where do I send it?


an9ie said...

Mix with with sweet chilli sauce, finely chopped Spanish onions and send it over here with some prawn crackers!