Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Heroes: The Haitian mystery

Sorry guys, I'm kind of on a TV kick here at the moment. Moving on from Grey's Anatomy, which I'm sure you're all tired of me gibbering on aboot, let's chat for a bit about Heroes.

Heroes is one of our favourite shows. MFC and I watch it the way I watch HotKyle on Grey's Anatomy, like a starving . . . something . . . in front of a . . . something.

OK, so perhaps dance class fried my brain a bit tonight. Or Gwit's beige tights induced some kind of small aneurysm.

Anyhoo. Heroes.

I think it's very cleverly done, and much better than half-arsed predecessors like Mutant X, although I'm not sure* if it's better than Misfits of Science, which starred a young, telekinetic Courteney Cox. I believe it has one of the last documented sightings of Coxy with a healthy BMI, which is probably the reason why she never mentions it in any of her interviews.

I have a little gripe though.

Just a little one.

You know the hot dark guy who has the power to wipe people's memories?

Also known as "The Haitian"?


Most people haven't even talked to him and heard his accent! And yet everyone living in Texas, Los Angeles or New York knows his nationality.

Perhaps I'm just dim, but I can't tell, and I certainly don't recall seeing him wear any I heart Haiti sweatshirts in any episodes.

Telepathic Matt is a sterling example of this, when he roughs up Bennet a little and yells, "Where's the HAITIAN? WHERE IS HE?!?" or when he looks into space and tells wifey, "There was a . . . Haitian man in the bar. Just staring at me."

Honestly, does good old apple-pie Matt have a secret background we don't know about?

Did he have an old nursemaid called Tituba who used to sing him Creole hymns and feed him rice and beans? (Gross generalisation here, apologies to any inhabitants of the Antilles.)

I mean, unless someone has lived for a spell in Haiti and is familiar with its dialects and accents, wouldn't they be more likely to go "Where's the Caribbean guy?"

Or, if they came close to understanding the accent but made an honest mistake: "Where's the DOMINICAN?"

I suppose the people behind the show are trying to be culturally sensitive, and not saying "The black guy!" or "The brown guy!" or "The guy who may be an African-American but perhaps that is because I am a culture-insensitive Nazi who can't tell Indians from Islanders from Africans?"

But I would not look at him and go "OMG! That Haitian man just gave me a windchime!"

And certainly not in the same way that I would go "That Chinese lady took the last steamed bun!", because in metropolitan Perth someone who looks Chinese might very well be Indonesian or Vietnamese or Korean, and then the kimchee would hit the fan.

So, I've been dying to say this all day: Is this political correctness gone mad?

Or perhaps, unlike most of the population of Texas, I simply do not know a Haitian when I see one?

* The reason I'm not sure is because I was all of 9 years old then, and I thought shows like Diff'rent Strokes and Are You Being Served? were funny, so you can see how impaired my judgement would have been.


Anonymous said...

I <3 Heroes... and it's available every Tuesday around 1pm (on the intertubes).

It's got quite a following, and I've started having friends around every wednesday night to watch it on the projector at my place. Your most welcome to join us. That is, if I'll be home, because usually on Wednesdays, if I'm not being lazy, I do an exercise session that starts at 7:15pm; seeing they've cancelled evening trains that pass by where I live, it means I have to catch a bus, meaning I only get home around 9:40pm. I mean, the whole "working till 7pm", "fling myself around in funky and lethal acrobatic maneuvers for 1.5 hours" and get home real late thing kinda sucks, and doesn't work real well with everyone elses schedules.

That's why I like to skip it sometimes.

Hereoes is extremely addictive. Almost every episode has ended with a very good cliffhanger, and the show is actually going somewhere, unlike Lost. I gave up on a Lost for several months, out of frustration of it going absolutely nowhere and answers to silly events not being given. It's like Gilligans island, without the humour, with more people, add a pinch of paranormal.

I don't watch Greys anatomy because House keeps me entertained.

- RaZeR

an9ie said...

Raz, I think Grey's Anatomy is more of a chick thing. I keep saying to MFC, "Ooh, this and this and you'll never believe it, but blah happened on Grey's!" and he'll be all, "Man, I watched one episode and it's rubbish." So I lurk on the Internet t o find other fan-girls like me.

Heores I do love, and it's almost a pity they have so many characters because you have to keep track of them all and they each only get about 5 minutes of the show. I used to like Mohinder but now I just find him annoying. Don't know why.

Anyway, will chat to MFC about the Wednesday night thing. Except he likes to save episoides up until he's got four or five in a row, and then watch them all in one hit. Cuts down on the cliffhanger suspense, I guess.

And how cool is George Takei as Hiro's father?

Anonymous said...

hey an9ie :)

i <3 grey's anatomy - but i actually watch it on 'normal' tv as opposed to downloading the episodes - so i am probably a bit behind you :).

I think heroes looks interesting, but havent managed to catch any of the episodes yet. I have had m00 download them for me though, so it's just a case of catching up on them now.

m00 and i are absolutely addicted to house and prison break - we can't wait for every new episode to come out and just about put everything on hold in order to watch them as soon as we can :). I also love desperate housewives and i still like lost, even if it is slow and irritating, i cant stop watching :).

Sorry i dont comment much - i love reading your blog every day, but i am not very good at leaving messages or comments - i either dont think what i have to say is important, or i cant make it sound right so i give up and dont bother :)