Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Grey's Anatomy, Season 3, Episode 16 - Drowning on Dry Land


A-buh. A-buh-buh.


Any Australian fans should stop reading now, because you will see a spoiler about the latest Grey's Anatomy episode that was shown in the US and be all pouty.

Update: I just got in trouble with Em because she read this next bit anyway. So it will be whited-out now, and you have to select it to read.


Who cares if Meredith is dead? As far as I'm concerned, they could start a brand new show called "Kyle and Meredith play smoochies in Purgatory" and I'd still watch it.

I saw the ending on YouTube at lunchtime, and was so excited, because we see HotKyle Chandler doing a slow HotSmile(TM) at Meredith.


But I couldn't squeal out loud because I was surrounded by people. And then I nearly dry-retched from containing all my excitement. Except it wouldn't have been that dry, because I'd just had some instant noodles followed by orange juice.

Welcome to the freak, that is me.

Oh, and then, I kept rewinding and doing a slow-mo step thing so I could watch HotKyle's HotSmile(TM) again.

And again.

And again.

I could do this all day, people!


Laura228 said...

Hello, fellow Kyle Chandler fan! Loved your post. I love Kyle's slow HotSmile(TM), too. I've been haunted by Kyle's intense performance on the Code Black episode. His connection with Meredith was fantastic and I really thought the show was introducing Kyle as a new love interest for Meredith. (McDreamy was working on his marriage at the time.) I was so disappointed when they blew him away. I have watched Kyle a couple of times on his new show, Friday Night Lights, but he just doesn't seem the same in that character as he did as Dylan. I think the pilot for Friday Night Lights is now a free download at iTunes. I think I'll go download it to see if there are any slow HotSmiles to rewind repeatedly. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh! She died? Lol, I always forget to catch up on the show bc I'm watching Supernatural whilst it's on. Whoops. :(

an9ie said...

Hiya laura! Great to meet a fellow HotKyle fan :)

I watched the HotSmile(TM) again this morning. Mmm, better than fresh pancakes . . .

I know! Kyle as a new love interest thing would have been awesome, and I think a BOMB SQUAD LEADER would have definitely held his own against McDreamy as a love interest. I can't wait for the next one!

Genevieve, that's OK. Denny Duquette is on Supernatural so we forgive you :p