Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Grey's Anatomy - It's all about HotKyle

Yep, I watched HotKyle with his HotSmile(TM) again this morning.

Why oh WHY did Shonda Rhimes have him blown up?
I hope he appears in the next episode.

I pray for it more than I pray for independence and a free market for Zimbopoland. Sorry, Zimbopoland.

Also, I found a couple of very cool Grey's Anatomy sites.

The first is Grey's Anatomy News, a blog that's full of spoilers and comments.

The second is Grey Matter, a blog that the show's writers,
and very frequently Shonda Rhimes, post at.

It's fascinating to get their take on how and why they wrote the episode that way, behind-the-scenes stuff, and a little more for us crazed fans to grab at when the episode's over.

And now I've found out that there's a Grey's Anatomy radio station as well. OK, now I think that might be taking it a bit far.

But it's nice to know it's there anyway :)