Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dance dance revolutionary

Yeah, I have no idea what that title means either.

Just had my fourth hip hop dance class, which didn't suck as much as last week, because:
a) we had a competent teacher who didn't make us spend 15 minutes on unnecessary warm-ups just because she ate at McDonald's yesterday, and
b) GiWT (who I shall refer to hereafter as Gwit) was only wearing beige tights with beige shoes today, and did not make my eyes bleed.

Which is lucky, because she kept barging into my personal space and at one point I was tempted to clothesline her as she ran PAST the line I was in while "practising" one of her moves.

She was also being very distracting because while the teacher was explaining a routine, you could see her reflection in the front mirror JIGGLING AROUND AND NEVER KEEPING STILL.


Would someone please saddle this showpony and ride her out of town? Or better still, sell her to some rodeo clowns?

Don't spare the riding crop and spurs!