Friday, February 16, 2007

Answer me this, Bongo!

Have you guys heard of AskBongo? It's a bit of a fad here in the Antipodes at the moment. Nathan and Nat from Nova 93.7 were talking about it on the radio earlier this week.

If you have a burning question about something, you send a text message to a special number, and within 5 to 10 minutes they send you a text back with the answer.

Personally, I think Bongo is just some canny nerds with Broadband internet and Google. But apparently the stuff they come out with is pretty accurate.

One girl who called up the radio station said that she asked Bongo the name of Lleyton and Bec Hewitt's unborn child, and a guy called her back saying, "Don't tell anyone, but it's Mia." And then one week later Woman's Hourly or whatever it is came out with an "exclusive" on the baby and its name. Lo, Mia!


Do you think they could answer this question?

Who dies in the next Harry Potter book?

I could pay $3 to ask, or just wait a few months. Guess which one I'm going to do? Because I'm cheap! 

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Anonymous said...

I agree, I have text my boyfriends name and my name and google searched at the same time and it has come up with similar to what they say, I think they find one fact and make up the rest.