Thursday, January 04, 2007

Rottnest getaway - New Year's Eve

Sorry for the quiet, everyone! On New Year's Eve, MFC and I went to Rottnest to spend some time on his dad's boat, anchored at Stark's Bay, Rottnest.

The ferry from Fremantle to Rottnest was packed with schoolies. At my advanced age, I look at anyone still in school suspiciously and clutch my purse close to my chest while MFC tells me not to be a tool. I also anxiously keep my Kwells close at hand, intending to consume the maximum amount allowed per day (I think someone died from an overdose once) because I am horribly, ingloriously prone to sea-sickness.

Here's a picture of exhausted MFC after the arduous trip across. We both felt groggy due to the unnatural waking hour of 8am required to catch the ferry. What? We're on holiday!

I woke him when lunch was ready. Freshly caught crays!

Steamed gently in seawater for 25 minutes, and then dipped into mayonnaise and eaten with fresh bread and butter. Instant addiction. Crayfish = Angiecrack. Oh dear lord, I would bludgeon someone over the head for some of that sweet, sweet flesh right now.

In retrospect, perhaps I shouldn't have woken MFC for lunch. More crayfish for Angie! We ate a lot of things we caught ourselves. When the sun started to set, we fished for next day's breakfast from the back of the boat. Fried skippy and herring, with toad-in-a-hole on the side.

The view from the boat, blessed with glorious weather on the last day of 2006. Happy New Year!


Juliness said...

I am green with jealousy! Fresh fish and beautiful weather is truly an unbeatable combo, isn't it?

Happy New Year!

an9ie said...

It was lovely, but my stomach is well and truly grateful that we're back on dry land, even if the brain disagrees! Happy New Year, juliness!