Friday, January 26, 2007

"Poor horsey!"

People who have spent the night with MFC (and by this I mean "shared the living room floor with him after a night of drinking"*) will know that he talks in his sleep. Sometimes, if you're awake enough and feel like some fun, you can even have a whole conversation with him.

Why, just the other night this gem occurred:

MFC (sitting bolt upright and scaring the bejeejuice out of me): Is it still on?
an9ie: Um, yes?
MFC: (No response.)
an9ie: I mean, no! No, it's not on. I turned it off.
MFC: Good. (Lies back down again.)
an9ie: Hang on a minute, is what on?
MFC: (gives a heavy "my girlfriend is SO dumb" sigh and turns his back to me in rejection.)
an9ie: Ooooookay then.

And last night I woke up to hear him say:

"Oh, poor horsey!" and make those lip-smacking noises that people use to soothe cats or birds, or, in this case, horses.

Then he rolled over and patted me on the rump.

* This is of course pre-Angie, because I don't like staying over at people's houses unprepared (what! Without my dental paraphernalia? Without my moisturiser and a hot shower and my jim-jams and fresh cotton sheets and contact lens solution?). So I usually end up driving us home.


Juliness said...

Now that's a great story! I feel the same way about sleepovers...they do not occur unless I am prepared. It's just icky otherwise.

PS I am back after being so out of touch the last couple weeks and have lots of reading to catch up on!!

Anonymous said...

Haha, classic. I used to share a room with my little sister when I was younger and she would carry on converstations with me in her sleep as well.

From earlier- Happy Australia Day! I hope I get to visit your country some day. Would be mint. :)

dex mission said...


an9ie said...

We missed you! Don't worry, no pressure to show up, we're just glad you're here! :)

Thanks! You'll need a few weeks to see it all, all the different cities are quite distinct. I especially like Sydney (perhaps because that's where my friend Nicky lives) and Melbourne. Perth is good too (of course) but can be quiet!

I concur :p

dex mission said...

i think i remember you asking if i could post up my process of working. i kinda did..briefly. if you want to check it out in my blog.

as far as look look mag. their printed 4 of my sketchbook pages. no new stuff im afraid.

an9ie said...

Yay! I'll come right over :)