Thursday, January 11, 2007

Leonard Nimoy. Naked Ladies. OMG!

I was trawling through some of Neil Kramer's old posts when I found this one about prominent Jews.

OMG! Did you know that Leonard Nimoy likes to take photographs? Of naked ladies? Typical, I'm always the last to find out these things. Some of these pictures even show their hoohoos!

Be sure to check out the Maximum Beauty series. Those ladies look like they're having fun :) I love the dancing in a circle shot.

I'm actually quite pleased I found this site, not because I like looking at hoohoos (I don't dislike looking at them either, but I'd rather be looking at hohos*), but because I was just thinking that I need well-defined, simply lit, naked bodies to practise my human anatomy drawing with, and I can't seem to find any good classes at the moment. Enter Mr Nimoy!

There is also an official Leonard Nimoy photography website but the link wasn't working when I tried it. Perhaps you'll have better luck.

* Hohoho! Yeah. I suck.


Juliness said...

No, no, no and NO! Spock taking naked pics is Not Okay. Even for the sake of ART.

(Why in the world did I click the link?!?!)

Neil said...

Actually, he's been doing this photography for years, and as you can see, he's pretty well known for it. Remember, he directed a couple of pretty good movies, also.

an9ie said...

Yeah, juliness, I can't seem to shake off the wrong feeling too. Even though the pictures are very well-executed, I feel like a bit of a pervert when I look at them. Argh! Hoohoos! (Yes, I am 12.)

Hey, Neil! Good to see you. Commenting on a post with your name in it! It's like that thing where you hold two mirrors up to each other and one explodes! Yes, it's true, Mr Nimoy does have other talents outside of being Spock.

But imagine being in the room, with Leonard Nimoy, and the large naked ladies dancing jubilantly in a circle. How surreal that would have been . . .