Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hey, why aren't WE getting paid to blog?

I mean, really, I look at the blogs on news.com.au, and the credentials range from "Peter has had thirteen years experience as a professional musician and editor of Music Weekly" to "Madison likes to shop for bikinis and thinks 30 is old!"

I reckon I could fit my blog in there and make some pocket money.* You know what I'm really, really good at? I am a world, nay, GALAXY-class whinger extraordinaire.

My little byline would include the following:

Angie is an experienced whiner, rabble-rouser, and malcontent, who has been honing her craft for the 30 years that she has been out of the womb. Anecdotes from her mother show that she was sending back breast-milk before she'd even had a taste of the other boob. She always finds the weather too hot or too cold, and thinks that people still in school are on Ice and plotting to steal her purse.

See, we can all find something we're good at!

* Note: am currently desperate for any spare change you may find lying around, as I have spent a ludicrous (possibly even a Ludacris) amount on glamour photos. Story coming soon but I want to have the bastards physically in my hands before I post so that I don't receive them covered in spit or with Photoshop-enhanced thighs or something equally unpleasant.