Wednesday, January 17, 2007

For all the girls - Paula Begoun's drugstore doubles

Ladies! Go here to see Paula Begoun's take on cheaper alternatives to name brand cosmetics. I'm going to try some of these as soon as my existing stock is finished.

I'm a great admirer of Paula Begoun, and buy a lot of stuff from her Australian website. If you become a Paula Direct member for only AUD$10, you get a huge discount, and every month there's a new special (occasionally it's free delivery), so good value all round. And her products last for ages. Paula believes in full product disclosure, so you find out exactly what is in them, and how they work for your particular skin type.

The last time I saw my friend Nicky, in person, I found out that she was using Paula's Choice products, based on her sister Veronica's advice. Veronica is the queen of skincare and makeup products. She has a huge budget to blow on these things, and gets only the best. And if Veronica was using Paula's Choice, it showed I was on the right track! Woo!

I have oily skin that has a tendency to get dehydrated. This caused me a lot of misery for many years, because I was treating it like dry skin and wondering why nothing worked. At the moment it is quite balanced, but greasy, because it's summer here, and hot. I currently use the Paula's Choice 1% Beta Hydroxy Acid Lotion every couple of days as a night-time moisturiser. It also seems to be a great spot treatment for small whiteheads that are just starting, I dab a gob of this lotion onto them and they disappear the next day.

I used her Essential Non-greasy Sunscreen for a bit but it's not great on my oily skin type. I think a person with normal skin would benefit more.

Her books are also quite illuminating. I followed her advice on TRESemmé brand shampoo and conditioner and have never looked back.

Just thought you girls would like to know about a great resource, good products at good prices!


ana said...

Hi. This is great news! Is there any way you could help me? I am signed up to beautypedia but dont have her hair care book, so beautypedia has limited info. I need a no build up shampoo (i used to use bumble and bumble sunday shampoo but way to exxy) could you assist me in finding a cheaper alternative? something under $25 say???? no build up. I have a volumising shampoo I need a cleansing one. Please recommend a couple and let me know of paulas review..if u can. my email is

an9ie said...

Hi Ana, I haven't tried out the Paula's Choice shampoos yet but you could give her "All Over Hair and Body Shampoo" ( a try anad let us know what you think. Note: purchases are much cheaper if you join as a member beforehand. Also see if you can find her books at your local library.